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4/9/08 5:31:04AM
I'm going to be in Japan/Korea for a few weeks from May 20th onwards. Any events (including smaller shows) going on in that time? I've always wanted to go to an event in Japan.
4/9/08 7:28:05AM
If you can get there just a few days earlier you may be able to see World Victory Road Sengoku 2 on May 18 at Ariake Tokyo. Ditto for DREAM 3 on May 11 at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama. DREAM 4 is scheduled to occur in mid-June, I don't yet know dates or locations except it'll be either Japan or Korea.
4/9/08 4:28:46PM
Ugh, so I'm going to miss the best shows over there

Do you know the dates for any of the smaller shows? Or even any K-1 events.

Thanks yo
4/10/08 1:30:38PM
According to K-1's website, there are 2 K-1 events in June: A World GP event on June 29 in Fukuoka (Japan GP), and an Asia GP event in mid-June (no exact date yet) in either Taiwan or Macao. Otherwise your best June bet is DREAM 4 in either Yokohama or Korea.
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