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12/28/09 12:20:09AM
I am in the So-Cal Area and I am looking for some amateur MMA events or just local events (martial arts/boxing). I have been to Battle in the Ballroom at The Irvine Marriott (Irvine, Ca) I saw a Amateur Boxing event that was phenomenal. A buddy of mine had an extra ticket. He got it from his Dad. One of his Dads patience gave them the tickets. I have had trouble trying to find others events in the area.

Help... Does any one know a website that is up to date on local events or a way for me to find more information on local events? I am in the Orange County area.
12/28/09 1:52:55AM
Try this site out, many local events listed....MMA, BJJ, Judo, Muay Thai, ect...
SoCal Martial Arts
12/28/09 2:40:03PM

just what I was looking for!
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