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5/7/07 8:36:44PM
does anyone know where to find good quality punching bags, speed bags, cages, rings, etc?
5/8/07 10:06:03AM
I dont know about Cages and Rings, but if you want good boxing (sparring gloves, speed bags, heavy bags, focus mitts etc) just put "Everlast boxing shop" into google and go to any site that sells their gear. Everlast is a good brand, a bit pricey compared to budget range gear, but they are high quality and built to last.

Atm Im using World Gym light gloves for boxing drills and sparring, and a World Gym Thai pad for kicking.

I suppose there arent many big brands doing Thai Pads since they are quite specialist and most of the big companies focus solely on Boxing, so I wouldnt try too hard to find a brand name Thai pad.

If you want to get started training for striking, and dont mind spending a bit of dough, the stuff you really need is...

Focus mitts: Improve accuracy, punching speed and reflexes*
Heavy Bag: Improves punching technique against a solid and semi realistic* target
Thai Pad (or even 2): Improves kicking technique tremendously*

A speed ball is optional, but more useful for making your arms limber and improving stamina than anything else.

*Will only improve technique, reflexes, speed etc if used in proper manner, but thats not too hard to figure out, Im sure you know how to use the equipment
5/13/07 5:23:05PM
Fairtex has awesome stuff.

I have fairtex gloves and have kicked on their thai pads and punched their bags/mitts.
Very high quality stuff and will last forever for sure. They are probably the most popular muay thai gear brand and their site has amazing delivery. I live in eastern Canada and they ship from California. They predicted exactly when the gear would get here (a little under 2weeks) and it arrived by courier on that day.

Check out

I'm buying a new bag and a pair of thai pads soon from them.
Like Mastodon said, thai pads are a must for improving your kicking, but only get them if you have a dedicated training partner.

Hope this helps you out.
5/14/07 10:41:48PM
Thanx man, ill check em' out.
5/15/07 3:34:04PM
I use a lot of fairtex gear too. The catch is they are pretty expensive. If you want your own thai bag for knees, kicks, punches, whatever, buy a case off their website. Then go to a tire retread place, tell them what they're doing, and they'll most likely give you grinded up rubber to fill the case with. Someone recommended that to me on another forum, so I tried it out and it worked great. Plus it is a alotttt cheaper.
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