What would your mma entrance song be?

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5/7/07 7:03:57PM
mine would be "rough riders" by DMX.

how about yours?
5/7/07 7:29:45PM
Never gonna get it by Akon
Your Beautiful by James Blunt (if i was fighting Heath Herring)
5/7/07 8:13:40PM
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor - Drowning Pool
And if I lasted all the way to decision with Fedor i would have at the end of my fight....
.... I'm A Survivor - By Reba
5/7/07 8:26:59PM
... and if i fought Heath Herring i would have
Build Me Up Buttercup - Foundations
5/7/07 10:14:09PM
thong song
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5/8/07 9:58:01AM
Definitely the Requiem for a Dream score for me

. Its so cliche these days when every other fighter comes out to some lame heavy metal or hip hop, it doesnt look tough or hard imo, just unimaginative. I love it when Cro Cop comes out to Duran Duran, sorta throws it in the face of all the guys who are posteuring with their metal.

5/8/07 10:05:30AM
never gonna stop rob zombie
5/8/07 11:05:14AM
God's gonna cut you down by Jonny Cash, good fight song.
5/8/07 11:06:51AM
I would easily use the 300 soundtrack Fever Dream.

That one or Noise Therapy - Far away.
5/8/07 11:12:03AM
Demon Hunter- " Through the black"
5/8/07 12:05:04PM
power rangers. the original. or pokemon. the original also.
5/8/07 12:09:13PM
Lamb of God - Black Label

beat that!
5/8/07 3:10:34PM

I've thought about this one, but haven't reached a bona fide verdict yet. Here are my top choices in no particular order.

O Fortuna - Carl Orff
Atom Bomb - Fluke
Barra Barra - Hans Zimmer
Eyes of Truth - Enigma
Navras - Don Davis
Time of our Lives - Paul van Dyk

Enae Volare Mezzo - Era (but this is Fedor's music so I can't pick it)
5/8/07 3:11:44PM

Posted by tyo

thong song

This one is for Shonie Carter. lol
5/11/07 4:51:35AM
Bright eyes - the song from watership down, the cartoon wid da rabbits!
5/11/07 9:43:16AM
I like the drum sequence tht opens "The Sickness" by Disturbed

"Feur, Feur, Feur" by Rammstein...maybe?nah that was in Triple X

"Open Your Eyes" by Guano Apes maybe
5/11/07 10:48:37AM
Always look on the bright side of life - monty python: accompanied by guys in toga's whistling and holding crosses.

Jumpin Jack flash - the stones: accompanied by star jumping asian chearleaders.

Hey hey were the monkey - The monkeys: accompanied by Clyde the famous monkey from every which way but loose fighting a mock battle with me.

the music from the begining of 2001 a space odessey: me in a space suit going slo-mo towards the ring

Mr bombastic - Shaggy : loads of skatily clad women and me in a pull off suit like strippers wear, with my fight gear underneath.

Kung fu fighting - Carl Douglas: accompanied to the stage by chinese lion dancers and guys dressed as shaolin monks.
5/11/07 4:43:03PM
"I'm Shipping Up To Boston"-Dropkick Murphys
5/11/07 4:52:12PM
never forget me by bone thugs and akon. or its a fight by three6mafia
5/12/07 11:05:20PM
The music from The Streetfighter with Sonny Chiba. I always thought that would be cool enterance music!
5/13/07 7:42:45AM

Posted by Winslow

mine would be "rough riders" by DMX.

how about yours?

"im gonna whack you in the nuts" by keith hackney
or "lady in red" by chris de burgh
5/15/07 1:47:01PM
Mine would be crazy frog song... lol
5/15/07 4:32:36PM
Thriller-Michael Jackson
5/21/07 7:48:32PM
anything by Metalica
5/21/07 8:35:03PM
the uppercut by tupac
5/21/07 9:06:22PM
Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust by Darkthrone
Det Som En Gang Var by Burzum
5/22/07 2:02:20PM
we takin over-dj khaled
5/22/07 4:32:58PM
I would start a band and write a song called " my cock is large" and then enter to it
5/25/07 12:36:57PM
Saturday Night's Alright(For Fighting) by Nickelback
F*cking Hostile by Pantera
Raining Blood by Slayer
Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

It would be hard to choose, but those would be my top 4.
5/25/07 5:11:31PM
you're the best from the movie karate kid, or round one by kray twins from fight night live round 3.
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