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1/1/08 8:25:30PM
Hi guys,

I'm new to the board, so please don't shoot me if this is in the wrong place etc. I'm after getting hold of some copies of some MMA DVD's. I've looked around and it seems impossible to get the early UFC DVD's!!

If somebody is able to help me with DVD-r's of any MMA DVD's it would be much appreciated. I will supply all costs for blank DVD's postage etc.

Many Thanks

1/1/08 9:14:12PM
ZUFFA just re-released the original UFC's on DVD.I believe you can go out and buy the first 10 all fully remastered with bonus interviews,etc.Try the UFC's website buy probably carries them as well. is also an excellent website as well.
1/1/08 11:25:38PM is also a great place for MMA dvds, UFC or Pride. They have new and used and there used are always in near perfect condition.
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