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8/16/11 5:54:32PM
Lets say their are 20 UFC events a year. 2 are brodcasted free on tv. That leaves 18 left on PPV. 5 take place outside of the US. Now we have 13 left.
Now we have 13-7.
Which will be Brock's record + one win by the time he has retired.

Before his fight with Cain, he had 5 fights within the UFC. One within K1.
5-1. His exact record before fighting Cain! Do you smell the conspiracy yet? Now he's 5-2 which will equal the exact amount of loses he will have collected by the time his career is done. Cain,is 9-0. Add 9+5 what does that equal??? FOURTEEN! That's where the plus one comes in ladies and gentlemen. Yes I know this is probably blowing your mind as you sit their with your hamsandwich reading this with your little beady eyes. But it's true. The number 14 is the one you place on the betting lines ladies and gentlemen!

Case of the Chinese Rocket

It is suggested in some circles that numerology, amongst other practices such as astrology, feng shui and sacred geometry still have a significant role in the minds of many world leaders.
The geometric design of the Pentagon is an often cited example. Less well known is that the 1 and 0 of 10 Downing Street- the seat of power for the British government- are said to represent the masculine and feminine energies respectively thus the union of generative power.

Often world events are orchestrated to coincide with particular astrologically significant dates for motives unknown. They are also encoded with many lays of symbol, with Numbers playing a significant part in this.

The Intelligences behind the first Chinese manned spaceflight seem to have deliberately incorporated the number fourteen into the operation for reasons uknown.

That is, the number 14 seems to pop up regarding the launch far more than coincidence would allow.

The launch was on the 14th of October.

The spacecraft orbited the Earth 14 times.

The space suit worn was made from 14 layers of material.

Yang was picked over two other finalists for the flight. They had been selected from among 14 finalists.
Numerologically 14 reduces to 5. The spacecraft was called Shenzhou 5.

And thus this proves that the Fertitta's along with Dana White are number manipulating reptoids.
Next time i'm exposing Yamma for the sick and twisted evil they have unleashed upon this earth.

8/16/11 6:05:10PM
this thread should be stickied immediately
8/17/11 1:13:50AM
I will give it another try tomorrow to see if I can understand what is being written here.
8/17/11 6:03:59PM
That sounds like a big secret! (See what i did there)
8/17/11 9:34:07PM
Well after recieving numerous phonecalls and emails from a man whom will remain unanimous (A%t D#*$$),which where threating in context I deciding to go ahead and right about my next piece.
This information is valuable to not only MMA fan's but the public at large.
It's nine o'clock. I just finished a strenous workout and I'm currently enjoying a nice 16 oz glass of ice water with a Camel as I write this. I just clikced the filter,now i'm cool.I'm Menthol.

What is yamma?
No it's not Young Adults Mixed Martial Arts.
Their was a reason why the elitist used these letters together.
Take out one M,and your left with the Hindu name for the god of death!!!!
That's what these punks want. Death to MMA,because once you get down to the dirt,the truth of it all you realize the last true mma fight was a draw between Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock and guess what????!!!!
That was over a decade ago people!
But this goes deeper than MMA. It's the sport of the future. Even that reptoid Dana White admits that. Now that this has seeped through to MMA,it going to Faux News,then the movies,and before you know it the world is polluted with the evil that is Yamma.

Take the lyrics to this Bollywood song for instance,strangley enough named Yamma:

Hindi Lyrics:
(Yamma yamma, Yamma yamma, Yeh khubsurat sama,) ---2

(Bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi , Kal hum kahan tum
kahan) ---2 / In english: Bas will fall outside Pancrase halls. Armbar or choke,in 2012 he will fall.

(Kab kya hojae kisko khaber, aa nachle jhumkar)...Kaleb's kai kisses Urijah's knee bar.

(Yeh zindagi ek lamba safar, pal bhar ke sab hum
safar)......... Death love hate,safari's at the palace will come.

(ek raat ke mehmaan sab yahan, kal hum kahan tum
kahan)......... it's dana! The man say loud. He's comes scaly!

(Haste huwe aisii shaan se, deewane jal jaenge).... Hury to the halls,we will see Duane Bang fight Stephen Seagull

(Are jalti shama se milke gale, Parwane jal
jaenge).... It's all a sham. The ring girls produce pearly milk!

(Reh jayga yado ka diyaa, Kal hum kahan tum kahan)... The knockout comes,the people can't see!

(Yamma yamma, Yamma yamma, Yeh khubsurat sama,)..... Yamma,Yamma,Yamma,the death god!

(Bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi , Kal hum kahan tum
kahan)........ bas better run fast,Zuffa is coming,the sport is the past.

(Bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi , Kal hum kahan tum
kahaaaaaaaaaaaaan)........ DIE, Bas,Die!

Now you might now believe me,but watch this!

Bollywood predicts MMA!

Description of video:
Notice Yamma is Yamma Pit fighting. This dance takes place in a pit. Equal to the one used in Yamma.
At 4 seconds we see Dana smiling as he watches the ring girls dance in the octagon/pit.
At 14 seconds we see Ariel Hawani,along with Kenny Florian,with Gono holding down rythem. Notice Kenny starts singing. Hints the fact he's ESPN's mouthpiece for this sick madness.

At 23 seconds Ariel says,Don't forget me! I gotta spread the lies too!
Notice the singing is almost identical to the questions Ariel and Kenny ask.

1:02. Dana's sickening face appears again.

1:47. Guess what,this is suppose to be me. The man coming to bust the party up. Notice they always potray the badguy as the one with the gun.

3:40. Dana thinks about more Fedor lies he can spread with the tool,Helwani as his veichale to the fans. (this makes me so sick i'm might literally throw up)

So their you have it.
Yamma and UFC in this together.
That's your lesson for tonight.
I hope it don't blow your brain.

8/19/11 12:30:09AM
That.... makes an insane amount of sense. I can't believe i didn't see it before.
8/21/11 3:40:09AM
I've been trying to explain this stuff for years but I'm no mrsmiley. Eloquent, subtle, and provocative all at the same time.
9/11/11 8:21:03PM
I would like all my dedicated readers to know i'm working very hard on a Yamma survival pack. Where will you be when the next Yamma happens?

Here's a few of the true horrors that happen once one has been exposed to high level dosage's of Yamma radiation:

Yamma radiation example one

Yamma radiation example 2

The UFC has made a deal with Fox, The Foxalypse is you will.
All this is,is a clever way of increasing how many american's are exposed to Yamma radiation. That's all you need to know for now.
More to come on the Yamma survival pack in the coming days!
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