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POLL: Good idea?
Yes 42% (5)
No 0% (0)
As long as Don King doesn't monopolize it 8% (1)
I Hate Don King 50% (6)
8/9/08 2:15:44PM
This prob has been said before but I think a comic about MMA would be amazing. Everytime I see Coutdown to UFC__ I think how the back stories and matchup's could make a great comic. Not only that but some issues could be explored like how the media portrays it as savage and steriods become a tempation for higher level guys.
I think Pride always gave this feeling that their fightings were more than human, like trained athletes but seen as hero's and villians in each fight. But yea, just something I thought about this morning and was wondering if anyone has seen something like this? Im sure the japanese must have made some type of anime for this.
8/9/08 2:31:49PM
There is a comic about the UFC purchase of Pride...but that is the only one that I know of, besides maybe a page creation.

UFC Buys Pride Comic
8/9/08 6:19:05PM
i would like to see a comic book(s) made
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