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12/27/07 11:56:10AM
wat are the top mma camps in the USA that i could join once im 18?
12/27/07 12:06:56PM
you pay them to train, any
12/27/07 2:05:55PM
Anyone you want like loonytnt said.
12/27/07 2:26:42PM
i know but im sure xtreme coutoure in Las vegas is better then daves mma gym down the street.
12/27/07 2:34:54PM
If it's the best you want then Xtreme Couture, American Top Team, Greg Jackson's, Legends Gym, Miletich Fighting Systems, and American Kickboxing Academy are some of the best camps in the US.
12/27/07 3:59:38PM
The best they may be, but you have to take into account:

1) The cost - a lot of these places are probably going to be expensive

2) What you want out of them. Many of these camps that have UFC fighters have their coaches and high end trainees focusing on training with fighters that have upcoming fights and not the "low end" fighters on the team

3) You level of experience. If you do not have a very high level of experience then you can probably benefit more (or the same) from a less famous camp. e.g. a BJJ beginner will probably benefit just as well from a respectable branch dojo than they Gracie academy. This also is connected to how the camps train. Many of these camps deal with elite fighters and may not cater to people that are in the learning process.

4) Don't quote me on this, but some of those camps may not just take any fighter that walks through the door. I know some camps want fighters that they feel they (the camp) can make into a great fighter and/or have something that the fighter can bring to the camp.
12/27/07 5:49:52PM
by the time i am 18 and be able to join these camps i wil hve had 3 years of boxing experience, 3.5 years working out expereince(including lifting weights, plyometrics, cardio, conditioing, body weight, etc), 2.5 years of wrestling expereince(in clubs during the offseason and in school during the season) nd 2.5 years of brazilian jiu jitsu. do you think that is adequte training?
12/27/07 6:04:32PM
It's kind of impossible to answer that question.

Depends on how good you are. Some camps as Rush said only take fighters that are promising.

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