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7/31/08 9:26:06AM
With my B-Day coming up, my bro bought me BJ Penn's MMA Book of Knowledge. Its so good at least for a beginner like me. I feel like there are months on tenique in this book and can't wait to use it in my classes soon.

Anyways to make this an actual discussion and not just to give props to my brother, anyone have suggestions on good MMA instrustional books or even videos?
7/31/08 10:40:04AM
There is ALOT of good books out there, especially for beginners.

Grappling wise, some good books are:
Brazilian JiuJitsu: Theory and Technique by Renzo Gracie and Royler Gracie
Gracie Submission Essentials: by Helio Gracie and Royler Gracie
Wrestling for Fighting: by Randy Couture
Also the Machados have alot of books out, so you can check that out also.

And if your looking to learn some new stuff, try out Eddie Bravos books. Also Marcelo Garcia has a X Guard book out also.

7/31/08 1:26:25PM
I like Guerilla Jijitsu.. Though its not really for a beginier... maybe a intermediate... thoguh its got some great basic drills I thinkk are very important for a beginer in it.
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