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5/1/08 1:16:37PM
I apologize if this has already been posted, but I was wondering what the other popular MMA boards were (not Sherdog. Sherdog sucks).
5/1/08 1:45:01PM
The only other board I know of that's popular is the MMANews boards at mmanews.com. I registered but never posted there (at the time you had to register just to view threads, not so much the case anymore). Given the sizes of avatars and sig graphics they allow there, I do wonder just how much their bill for web hosting & badnwidth is. Conduct-wise they're like Sherdog's but a little better moderated although the administration there did have quite a nasty spat a few years back when one of the admins left and it got ugly between them.

Edit: Well, I can say one good thing about them-if it hadn't been for their prominently advertising it in their forums, I never would've found MMA Playground! They advertise it as Free Fantasy MMA with over $5K in cash prizes, and I was looking for free Fantasy games at the time.
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