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8/11/09 9:07:17AM
For the first time in a very, very long time, Miguel Torres is not the best bantamweight in mixed martial arts. No, Brian Bowles, who dominated Torres in a first-round knockout Sunday night at WEC 42, is now the best of the bantamweights.

8/11/09 1:43:48PM
I still feel Torres is the best at 135, if and when they fight again, Torres takes it and then things go back to normal lol
8/11/09 7:40:51PM
I would put cruz in front of mizugaki and i cant beleive big frog isnt in there anywhere. I actually thought he beat mizugaki imo but i think curan definetely belongs in the top 10
8/12/09 1:13:06PM
Curran's off my top ten, yes he lost to top competiotion but its strill a 4 fight losing streak IIRC
8/12/09 3:05:39PM
Styles make fights and I think Bowles style is very much made to beat Torres. Bowles deserves the ranking funny thing is Torres still out ranks him in the P4P rankings. Unlike some I don't think I would take Torres in a rematch. Now that's not to say Torres isn't a really good fighter because I think he is still a great fighter I just think Bowles is tailor made to beat him.
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