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4/25/10 12:08:24PM
Does anyone have a link for the latest episode? PLZ and thenk you
4/25/10 2:48:23PM

Props accepted lol
4/26/10 1:23:23AM
thats the preview lol
4/26/10 8:52:57PM
im not much help but i gotta say that IMMA is one of my favorite shows and should be on CBS, FOX and any other big channel. ESPN?
4/26/10 9:00:07PM
I wish I could find inside MMA as well.
Sherdog no longer plays it which sucks and Time Warner no longer carriers HDnet.

But...................... If you have a Playstation 3 you can download it from the PS store. It won't be the latest episode but they have a pretty good selection.
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