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POLL: When did you get into MMA?
pre-2003 47% (37)
2003 14% (11)
2004 8% (6)
2005 15% (12)
2006 14% (11)
2007 3% (2)
2/28/07 10:36:09AM
I got into MMA late 2001 when a guy showed me the Wandy - Mezger fight.

What about you guys? When did you start following MMA and what got you into it?
2/28/07 11:30:34AM
Bout 4 years ago , w/ ufc 1 . Watched it just for the blood and violence , but after watchin a few events i started to see that it was more about skill then just ppl punchin each other in the face or balls.

Now im obsessed.
2/28/07 1:05:09PM
I got hooked on mma around 2002/2003.

I remember finding a site called Sherdog, and a bunch of nifty little highlights on Sherdog of people such as Vovchanchyn, Sakuraba, Sakurai, Silva, and Hoost.

I was immediately addicted.

Now I'm here.
2/28/07 1:33:45PM
Ordered my first PPV in 96 (might have been 97 or 95) I don't remember. It was UFC 7 or 8, the one where Marco 'King of the Streets' Ruas took out Paul 'Polar Bear' Varlens in the finals, and there was a superfight as well... Shamrock / Tektorov??? maybe??? I can't remember off the top of my head...

I took a few years off in the late 90's and then got back into it 2000-01 somewhere around there...

I was almost totally a UFC guy until a few years back (2003 or so) when I started buying Pride DVD's left and right...

I am officially addicted to all MMA...
2/28/07 5:36:41PM
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2/28/07 6:56:19PM
UFC 1. A buddy of mine had a tape of the first UFC and showed it to me. Been hooked ever since
2/28/07 7:32:58PM
Since UFC 3
2/28/07 7:49:20PM

now 'give props'
2/28/07 7:57:41PM

Posted by argile


now 'give props'

i dont want to!
3/1/07 1:12:37AM
UFC 1. My brother and I were taking Iate Karate together, and there was an ad for it in Blackbelt Magazine, or some such thing. We had to go to my grandmothers house to watch it, as it was barely on any cable networks, but it changed our lives. I thought Teila Tuli was going to win the whole thing.
3/1/07 1:16:21AM
Started back watching it around TUF 2 I think which ever TUF had melvin, and all them. I'm a TUF baby lol :(

I did know about it back in the day like ufc 1-10 ect, but didn't watch it like I do now.
3/1/07 6:53:33AM
Around 2000, i was watching The Crow cuz someone taped it for me, so then the tape kept playing and about 10 minutes into the credits, previously recorded ufc footage comes on, its Jens vs. John Lewis, as soon as i saw that KO i was was like what the the hell is this (in a good way). From there on little by little i became an addict.
3/1/07 7:20:26AM
i was into the ufc at the first 1.. i remember sitting on the couch with my cousin say i want to be just like gracie....
3/1/07 8:37:36AM
i got into MMA from watching Patrick Cote fight Steve Vigneault (in UCC\TKO). Then i started watching KOTC events. Both of these were on Cable TV. Long before i had heard of theUFC i was wathcin those events
3/1/07 9:09:16AM
3/1/07 11:37:23AM
UFC 2, I missed 1 and heard all about it, so when 2 went down I got the PPV event. It looks like most people are Pre '03. Good to see all the true and new Fans of the sport!
3/1/07 11:57:58AM
i remember seeing UFC 1-3 since my uncle would buy the PPV's,but then stopped watching them for a while till my older brother started getting into it and ordered a PPV and i saw Vitor Belfort(1998) ko'd Silva starting to really like it...still watching it on and off,but really got hooked at UFC 40 Vendetta(2002)..Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock and i have been hooked ever since.....and still loving MMA more and more everyday
3/1/07 12:19:23PM
I had seen the UFC when I was a kid but didn't really pay much attention to it, but around 99-00 when I was 15-16 yrs. old. I rented some UFC tapes and was completely enthralled by it. I started having my mom substitute birthday presents for ordering UFC PPVs. Once the new rules came into effect and the fights got less brutal but more evenly matched and exciting, I haven't been able to concentrate on much else.
3/1/07 5:19:49PM
crimethinc's not lieing. i was there. in fact i started getting into the sport pretty much at the same time.
3/1/07 9:22:04PM
2005 when ufc started airing the shows on spike, i saw an unleashed of ivan salaverry destroying fryklund and choking out riggs and i was intrigued, later that week i watched the first fight night and was hooked ever since. first ppv i went to a sports bar and saw ufc 62 cuz i wanted to see forrest and bonnar fight again.
3/1/07 10:28:03PM
I got into UFC when shamrock and tito ortiz first fought.. so chuck and sobral as well i guess... that was the best fight ive seen!! Tito just plowed right through him.. ever since then been addicted... my friends say its dumb.. they like the stupid fake stuff... WWE wrestling??? what the heck, eh? but yea... that was the fight man!!
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3/1/07 10:31:18PM
at during that horrible ken vs gracie match when there was no action at all on the ground for 30 minutes.. i was so little and i still remember that suck fight
3/1/07 10:54:48PM

Posted by jdubs

at during that horrible ken vs gracie match when there was no action at all on the ground for 30 minutes.. i was so little and i still remember that suck fight

and that's how you got hooked?
3/2/07 12:20:14AM
3/2/07 7:00:26AM
It kind of crept up on me too, I remember watching ufc 1 on VHS at some party back when I was younger, about 8 years ago I started training Wing Chun and I kept hearing about MMA so I bought some UFC dvds just to see what all the fuss was about I did not rate it at first but I got hold of some pride dvds and remember watching the sakuraba vs newton fight like 5 times in a row slowing down certain parts to catch how that technique was pulled off or that counter, It just blew my mind the skill involved.
3/24/07 10:09:36PM
At the time of UFC 2
3/25/07 1:15:32AM

July 14, 1995
Casper Events Center - Casper, WY

Elimination Tournament
Tank Abbott vs. John Matua
Paul Varelans vs. Cal Worsham
Pat Smith vs. Rudyard Moncayo
Oleg Taktarov vs. Dave Beneteau

Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn

my home town, we were 18-19 yrs old and had tickets 9 rows from the ring right on the walk way. we got there an hour before the start and met John Matua's trainer. He was talking all kinds of trash about how John was gonna break one of Tanks bones. I can still hear the sicking thud when Tank hit Matua. he laid on the mat for over 35 minutes before they got the stretcher. We all wanted Pat Smith to win cause he was from Co. as close to a hometown guy as we could get, but he got put out in the semi's. I remember after Ken beat Dan he walked back up the walk way and i screamed " your the man Ken!!!" " he looked me right in the eye and Yelled " your damn right son" and shook my hand. Haven't missed a fight since.
3/25/07 5:14:23AM
I was watching it since the first ppv's. My father always ordered them. It wasn't until about 2002 that I switched from training TMA to MMA. I even remember being in a bunch of debates about not needing to learn ground fighting because my stand up was so good. I am glad I got past that stage! I still have a ton of respect for the arts I started out in, but I wish MMA was around when I started out.
3/25/07 5:05:58PM
Since the UFC first came to the UK in 2002 for the Brawl at the Royal Albert Hall!
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3/27/07 2:21:07PM
right... everyone here was a huge fan back in the 80s...

you're all a bunch of TUF noobs
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