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3/20/08 7:09:43PM
How often do you miss/just dont feel like going to your mma class, and for most of the time why ?
3/20/08 9:20:55PM
I haven't been this week because i'v just had a boxing match an my knuckles have swollen pretty bad!
Other that that its got to be something pretty extreme for me to miss it!
3/21/08 6:35:23AM
Work, going out with my girlfriend, or if my brother can't make training for the same reasons. He is the best training partner available there and without sounding pompous, the only guy there that matches my skills, so if I train with other partners I find myself having to carry them and help explain techniques them, whereas with my brother we just focus completely on ourselves and it works fine. Furthermore, he is my genetically identically twin, so we are very similar physically, same height, same limb length and weighing within a couple of pounds with eachother.
3/22/08 12:08:51AM
I miss about 1 class every 3 months but it has to be a f up situation
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