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4/20/08 12:29:57PM
If Lutter could've secured that armbar I would've hit my parlay of Cain Valasquez, Rich Clementi, Mac Danzig and Lutter. But the pudgy ****** gassed and I missed out on 6 thousand imaginary dollars. Bummer dude.
4/20/08 12:32:52PM
similar results for me too. Had maia, cain, Macdonald, and STARNES......who decided to run for the whole fight instead of fighting.............also missed about 7k.
4/20/08 1:16:41PM
I hit mine, a small one on Day & Maia. My slowly but surely strategy is paying off, bankroll's now just outside the top 50 on the season just on mostly small bets with a couple underdog wins (and a nice $5K+ profit last night)..
4/20/08 4:28:39PM
i went with 3 sure things and 1 maybe and the maybe F***** me!!! bisping franklin st pierre and doerkson!!! guess who F***** me!
4/20/08 4:45:19PM
I had Belcher in my parlay... what a shame considering my risky MacDonald Maia Quarry parlay all came thru. Still made 744 or something like that with 71 pts
4/20/08 7:10:54PM
i finally hit a parlay...started with around 3400.. there were two locks on the card in maia and velazquez...... i put 2000 grand on maia as an individ bet so that at worst i would be up 500 on the night.....i put maia velasquez and nate quarry into a parlay and also bet 500 on starnes...... the net effect was that i would either be up 2500 worst case scenario or i would be up close to six grand if quarry won..... quarry hit and i'm up to 9300, top 50 overall...

i'm looking at rousimar palhares and shane carwin for the next card as a parlay....both seem like locks......can't beleive that 70% of folks are picking salaverry....
4/20/08 8:57:08PM
Ya i missed my parlay too,but I won most of it back with bets on Maia and Velasquez.
4/20/08 11:08:36PM
yeah Belcher messed mine up with Cain, Franklin and GSP as the rest
5/2/08 12:30:02AM
Belcher that wee bastard
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