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5/25/12 2:46:54PM
I was watching UFC 92, and I got real nostalgic while watching the Rampage-Wanderlei III fight. I started thinking about what the UFC was like back then. Then I started thinking of what their first two fights were like in Pride. And it was then I realized/remembered how much I missed Pride.

Pride was just epic. I don't know if it was MMA or the fight game at the time, but there was just something in the air back then. Oh how I miss the Pride FC/UFC superiority debate. Hell, even K-1 was still on PPV back then!

Granted, I feel MMA as a sport is at a better place than it has ever been. The level of skill we see in mixed martial artists today is generally a cut above what it was back then. But what is missing from the sport? The super huge stadium shows. The fanfare. The fucking pride!

I am constantly disgusted when I watch any card from any promotion in just about any city or country. The boo birds all migrate to the US and Canada during any clinch or ground work, it seems. And the nationalism of the Brazilians is both admirable and deplorable at the same time. The Japanese fans though.... I miss watching Pride (and soon after DREAM), and hearing a dead silent crowd. Just the sound of the corners and strikes landing. Moderate applause for guard passing/transitions. Excited yet reserved reaction for big shots landing.

We need more of that respect, more of the fanfare, more of the epicness. I felt it for the entire UFC Japan card this year, and I know I wasn't alone. I hope we get more UFC cards there. And maybe DREAM and the JMMA scene in general will rise to prominence once more.
5/25/12 3:32:31PM
I don't miss the fixes....
5/25/12 4:33:13PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

I don't miss the fixes....

Don't pee on my parade Chael! Revisionist history is the best history. There were no fixes in Pride FC bro!
5/25/12 6:34:35PM
Ahhh, PrideFC, when Bob Sapp used to stomp punny Asians like Godzilla.....

I love PrideFC and like you I miss it a lot. Everything about it was crazy fun....even crazy Pride lady
5/25/12 7:10:05PM
I really miss the showmanship of Pride that and I want to see the rules get mixed.....knee to the head of a grounded opponent!
5/25/12 8:13:32PM
Unlike Chael, I'm not going to rain on your parade, Pmoney. In-fact, I'm going to do the opposite and take it up one more notch.

December 2, 2002
I had just returned home from a 4 year tour with the United States Navy. I was tired and hungry but very thrilled to be a civilian again.

Before I left to join the service, I had given a very special gift to my parents to hold for me until I return.

At the start of 2003, I began dating and for the first time in my life after joining the service, I knew what it was to be a man again. These dating games would take me well beyond my curfew and by the time I got back home, it would be 1 or 2 or even 3 am. I would come home and turn on the television ( it was mostly set on channel 78 ) I would then take my shower and begin to browse the channels and low and behold - the gift I gave my parents was still there and in good working order. I kissed my black box and prayed to the heavens and resumed browsing again - and that was when I ran into Pride. It was love at first sight. I had never felt so complete in my life. I had a home, a black box, Pride, and a girlfriend.

The girlfriend kept trying to put herself in between me and the box and Pride. I was not going to have this - no way. So I thought long and hard and finally I came up with a solution. Why not enter into matrimony with the girlfriend, the box, and Pride? It seemed like a good idea at the time and I went ahead and sealed the deal.

As with most things that are rushed, they hardly ever work out - and I admit, I was a bit hasty going into this relationship because only after a few years, the box and Pride went their separate ways. I managed to salvage the girlfriend who is now my wife but I do miss the box and Pride. To this day, I still wonder what would have happened if I had taken things slower.
5/25/12 8:23:32PM
I miss Pride so much. It just had an atmosphere about it that's never going to be replicated. It's like disco...............But in a good way.
One thing to it was it really had an international feel to it. The UFC of course is international and has been in more countries than pride certainly ever was but they really seemed to put more emphasis on it.
5/26/12 12:16:17PM
5/26/12 3:13:06PM

That just makes me happy
5/27/12 9:53:56PM

Posted by pmoney

That just makes me happy

I like your avatar. It's pretty cool.
5/28/12 3:42:47PM
I actually liked watching stars smash cans, I wish the UFC didn't want everyone to go to the title. Donald Cerrone's five fights in a year was awesome run! Everyone doesn't have to fight to better place themselves! If Lesnar comes back feed him some guys, don't make him fight the top competition, people want to see Lesnar smash things not turtle up like Sapp.

Pride Grand-Prix! I miss tournaments the most, Hunt vs. Wand that was a dream fight and what a great fight!

Pride wasn't trying to make MMA legit, it wanted to entertain the crowd which it did better than the UFC.imo
5/29/12 11:40:11PM
I miss the Grand Prix (dunno what the plural for prix is) that they held...the open weight gp that Shogun won was epic....I remember him just kneeing Ramage's ribs into oblivion...awesome

The feud between Rampage and Wandy was awesome too...

The rise and reign of the Last Emperor..

and of course the hay day of one of my fav fighters of all time...The Ukraine Freight Train...IGOR "ICE COLD" VOVCHANCHYN....

feeling nostalgic all of a sudden
5/31/12 12:10:23AM
5/31/12 12:11:21AM

Posted by Bubbles

this is for you

Goosebumps every time I hear it.

I loves me some nostalgia.
5/31/12 9:59:03AM

Posted by cowcatcher

Posted by Bubbles

this is for you

Goosebumps every time I hear it.

I loves me some nostalgia.

Of course...and let us not forget the dulcet tones of Miss Lenne Hardt....Pride Never Die
5/31/12 1:19:47PM
O Pride, Pride, where art thou Pride?
Deny thy buyer and thy contract.
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll forever be not an mma fan.

I whispered these words to Pride when I met her.
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