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8/7/12 9:19:23PM
so there is a miss mma competition being held here in new zealand in november to find someone to represent the sport for NZ for the next year.

I was really keen to enter until the requirements for it came out. First you have to model branded sports gear such as sports and sneakers whilst performing what best describes the type of fitness you do. yup sweet as, can do. But the second part of it requires you to prance around the stage in a bikini and high heels. Seriously!? Why not just something we look great in and which still shows off our athletic bodies? I would rather not feel like a pagent bimbo who doesnt get taken seriously.

Perspectives? Am i just being a dick?
8/7/12 10:08:12PM
Unfortunately it comes with the territory. If you're not comfortable with it, or too pissed about the bikini part, don't do it. However, it sounds like a great opportunity. Maybe you can live with a few minutes of feeling like a bimbo, for the chance to represent NZ mma.
8/7/12 10:36:03PM
Unfortunately I think Kopower is right. If they wanted to find the "real" Miss MMA NZ the criteria would be based solely on athletic ability and MMA skill. This competition seems to want to find Miss Tits and Arse MMA so they can make some pretty posters.

It sucks because the winning girl probably will not give two shits about MMA.
8/7/12 11:40:50PM
I feel that they really don't care about true MMA girls and are just looking for some eye candy with vague knowledge of the actual sport. If you feel up to doing it, I'm sure you will have fun but if you're not comfortable with it, I'd just sit it out and maybe watch from the crowd.
8/8/12 1:55:07AM
this is more along the lines of a MMA ring girl competition. try punching out a few of the other girls and see how the judges feel.
8/8/12 4:42:52AM
classic. may be a good way to go.

i think the title needs to be changed really. dont get me wrong we aaaaall love looking at hot girlies, especially the UFC ring girls and their drool worthy photoshoots!! but the general population arent going to take female fighters seriously when the official titled miss MMA cant fight for shit and couldnt name a handful of MMA fighters to save themselves. we want a real Miss MMA!!
8/8/12 5:30:08AM
I say go for it. You can't change the perspective of what Miss MMA NZ is all about if you are sitting on the sidelines. Only you can say whether parading around as eye candy is worth it to you but at the very least it could put you in a position to actually change something.

8/9/12 11:54:50PM
I feel bikini pictures may give us a better handle on the situation.
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