Misaki Will Fight But Won't Be Paid

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7/3/09 10:47:19AM
Kazuo Misaki will get his August bout with Kazuhiro Nakamura, but with none of the expected perks.

World Victory Road director Takahiro Kokuho announced Thursday that Sengoku's Aug. 2 "Ninth Battle" card at the Saitama Super Arena will still feature a bout between Misaki and Kazuhiro Nakamura. However, the legally embattled "Grabaka Hitman" will not receive his fight purse and, immediately following the bout, will face an indefinite suspension from Sengoku competition.

Misaki had pled guilty in the Tokyo District Court to obstruction of justice on June 25. The plea was in regard to a March 19 incident in which the former Pride grand prix champion sped away from a police officer who had attempted to cite him for talking on his cell phone while driving. Misaki was given a three-year suspended sentence following his plea, and Kokuho announced the following day that World Victory Road's commission would convene in the coming days to decide on an appropriate course of action.
7/3/09 10:49:55AM
Misaki should come to the US where they put you on another season of TUF after going on a high speed chase instead of make you fight for no money..
7/4/09 1:35:22PM
Regardless of the facts, he will still make money from the fight.
7/4/09 10:09:42PM
Sengoku coming down hard on Misaki.

No fight purse plus a suspension after he fights for free
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