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7/27/07 4:28:31AM
A long awaited updates.

"After almost a month long training camp in Pula, Mirko returned home. There will be no vacation for Mirko this summer, as he decided to spend his summer time in the gym, as a penalty for the last defeat against Gonzaga.

"I was training really hard in Pula. I'm well motivated to make another big comeback and I just have to win the next fight", says Mirko.

During August some well known European fighters and trainers will take part in Crocop's preparations for his next fights against "The African Warrior" Cheick Kongo on September 8th.
On the first day of August, Vos gym's trainer Ivan Hyppolite, a famous thai fighter, will arrive to Zagreb to train with Mirko. Remy Bonjasky and Gilbert Yvel are also expected to appear on the training sessions.

Make no doubt, Crocop took his next fight very seriously. It's not a matter of contract obligations, it's a matter of honour and self respect. "

Source: mirko-crocop.com
7/27/07 4:48:17AM
I guess we can expect a first round KO then?
7/27/07 5:37:45AM
Man I wouldnt want to be Kongo right now!
7/27/07 7:48:27AM
If Congo reads that I think he might just came down with a case of "OUCH I tore my MCL "
7/27/07 8:54:41AM
damn right hes is gonna make a comeback, and he is juss gonna go on rampage Knocking ppl out!!!!!!
7/27/07 9:20:40AM
I'm still not sure how people are justifying Kongo's possible upset with anything but the old saying, anything can happen in MMA. Was it me or was Kongo very hesitant to go to the ground against Assuerio? Obviously, Assuerio knows BJJ, but Kongo had multiple chances where he was on one knee pounding Assuerio and stopped. Mirko will be completely different. You can't give him a chance to get back up.
7/27/07 9:47:09AM
Mirko by left body kick followed up with punches on the ground!
7/27/07 10:03:04AM
Kongo has it. It is a longshot, but I beleive it.
7/27/07 10:21:29AM

Posted by waylon_o

Mirko by left body kick followed up with punches on the ground!

^^^^ That sounds about right t me ^^^^
7/27/07 10:37:14AM
wut did everyone expect the heavyweight fighters in the ufc should be very scared because the rage and anger in crocop is about to be unleshed kongo be afraid be very afraid
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7/27/07 10:56:16AM
GRR...I'm gonna beat you Mirko!
7/27/07 10:57:47AM
I pick CC to win, but my money is on Kongo.(at +300)
7/27/07 11:57:34AM
Kongo may very well be a decent wager, but I won't pick him in the Picks.
7/27/07 12:08:33PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

GRR...I'm gonna beat you Mirko!

7/27/07 1:00:15PM
Cro Cop is going to murder CK, i see a stand up war
7/27/07 1:37:35PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

Kongo has it. It is a longshot, but I beleive it.

Nice reasoning, I might have to go with you on that.
7/27/07 1:38:27PM
The thing that scares me is he feels the UFC viewers don't respect him, and don't respect Croatia...Could we again see the OWGP Mirko? If we do, I feel bad for the HW div.
7/27/07 1:44:20PM

Posted by cmill21

Could we again see the OWGP Mirko?

i really hope so. that mirko = danger for anyone in heavyweight division
7/27/07 1:53:01PM
Watch the wandy fight, they talk about how pissed off Mirko was. Sounds like he's mad again, no? I'm so excited! Better not all be for not and he has lost the warrior in him. I believe he's still got that fight in him though.
7/27/07 2:12:15PM
He was only mad because Silva was mouthing off about how he could take CroCop. It was pretty funny seeing CroCop "convice" Silva otherwise.
7/27/07 2:26:51PM
i wouldnt go so far as to put money on congo
7/27/07 2:27:15PM
CC after a loss=the most dangerous fighter in the world, with the exception of fedor
7/27/07 2:34:09PM
Yeah, but he felt disrespected, does now to.
7/27/07 4:41:32PM
What else is he going to do
7/27/07 4:51:57PM
What do you mean?
7/30/07 5:38:26AM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

GRR...I'm gonna beat you Mirko!

In reality...

Mirko by Fatality.
7/30/07 2:11:56PM
See he acctually fights with his hands right where they are in that pic. Now he could change it, but that would A) mess him up a bit while throwing punches and B) open up the Upper cuts and body kicks.
7/30/07 4:58:07PM

Posted by LHK

Posted by DangerousDjohn

Kongo has it. It is a longshot, but I beleive it.

Nice reasoning, I might have to go with you on that.

7/31/07 12:25:34PM
This should be a stand up war and closer than most people might think. Mirko should win by decision or late knockout. I think Mirko is training for it to go on the ground, and CK might try that a few times (think it's Mirko's weakness), but he is a striker through and through and will eventually try to go blow for blow against Mirko.

In a Pride Fight I saw against a Japanese guy, Mirko went for a little less harder but fast leg kicks. Eventually the Japense guy walked out being held and couldnt rest any weight on his legs.

Mirko needs to open up body kicks and head kicks by first trying some fast leg kicks. CK won't pursue as much and it will take a lot of oomph from his strikes and kicks. I see alot of grounding and pounding and when they stand the fighters up in the third round Mirko knocking his arse out.

The only unknown is who has CK been training with. Against Assuerio we all saw his potential (striking wise) and his massive weakness in the ground game, who knows if CK has taken up like five levels on the ground game. Not likely but that is his only chance.
7/31/07 12:35:42PM
I think Cro Cop is approaching this fight as a stand up war, as evidenced by his training with Yvel and Sergei. I don't think that is actually the right way to fight this fight though, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the better striker of the two but I think his grappling is a greater advantage over Congo then his striking is. Hopefully he fights smart cause Kongo has some heat in those hands.
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