Mirko Crocop Vs. Overeem Officially Called Off!

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11/28/08 4:09:49PM

In a recenet Press interview with Tanigawa, Head Official of K-1, he has stated that even though both parties wish the fight to happen, they are unable to make this fight happen for the NYE event, Fields Dynamite.

11/28/08 4:10:49PM
11/28/08 4:15:24PM
I wonder if Cro Cop will even fight now.
11/28/08 4:19:25PM

Posted by cmill21

I wonder if Cro Cop will even fight now.

Doubtful. He seemed quite worked up for this
11/28/08 4:19:48PM
Im glad. Didnt want to see Mirko taking this fight when hes openly admitted hes injured. Hopefully they'll still fight at a later date and overeem gets his face kicked off.
11/28/08 5:02:00PM
These two just need to fight underground somewhere because it seems like some bullcrap always gets in the way.
11/28/08 5:34:29PM
Damnit man..I was looking forward to seeing this.
11/28/08 5:51:19PM
I hope CroCop does not fight gets his surgery done and takes the time to heal his body fully.. and get his head healed as well.. cause a mentally healthy should destroy AO.. That is more important then his physical but I want him 100% for the fight when and if it does happen.
11/28/08 8:41:33PM
hopfully CC will recover from his injury and then tear apart Alistair
11/28/08 9:25:52PM
hopefully this whole situation is over it was getting weirder and weirder by the day and maybe cc can get healthy and they fight at a later date
11/28/08 10:50:26PM
seems to have never meant to be
11/29/08 12:24:50AM
I am not a fan of CC anymore. I respect what he's done and the skills he posesses. But he hasn't fought a GOOD fight in a LONG time. I wish him well, but I won't be rooting for him any time soon!
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