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5/12/07 9:46:44PM
As we all know, CC lost in bad fashion to Gonzaga in his last fight, well who do you think his next opponenet should be and when do you think we will see Mirko back in the octagon?

I say either UFC 75 or 76, and think he will be fighting the likes of someone such as Cheick Kongo or Jake O' Brian.. Seeing how Mirko lost his last fight I see him fighting someone like this first, then building his way back up (assuming he wins).

Also, how do you think Cro Cop will be in his next fight, will he be negatively affected from the head kick loss, are his opponenets going to not fear him as much now and be more aggressive with him??

5/12/07 10:18:04PM
We never found out the results to the MRI to his ankle. It looked really bad, I would be pretty confident it will keep out of action for at least 3-6 months. It is the one thing I hate about being a world wide sport. We never get any info from the fighters from abroad as far as injuries and what not.
5/12/07 10:43:35PM
Yah I think Mirko will return at UFC 75 and most likely will fight a guy like Kongo or O' Brian.
5/12/07 11:09:19PM
He will probably get a rematch with gonzaga. He may have lost, but he is still rated pretty high. I don't see him having to work his way through the ranks or anything. I would like to see him fight Kongo though. I just like watching Kongo fight.
5/12/07 11:52:11PM
I feel that if any fighter in the UFC does not fear him and feels they can pick their shots they will get destroyed. The reason Gonzaga did so well is because he pushed the pace and pressured Mirko just like Fedor and Hunt. If any opponent does not push the pace they will most likely get KTFO'ed. That is Crocop's biggest flaw in my opinion in his game, not being able to deal with pressure sometimes. I don't know were im going with this post haha but I would like for Crocop to fight Vera or Sylvia.
5/13/07 12:57:12AM
I don't think it will affect CC mentally. From the interviews I have read regarding his loss, he seems to know what the problem was and has dealt with his previous losses well in the past.

I think he'll be back in the usual form for his next fight. I would be surprised to see him fight O'Brian or Kongo. CC is not a gatekeeper. I only see him fighting the top 5 fighters in the HW division right now.

I also see him retiring once his UFC contract is done.
5/13/07 6:17:03AM
I dont think Cro Cop will be put off his stride by this - as he always says "Im not scared, Im a fighter, this is my job". Mirko knows fine well that losses are part of the job, and just another obstacle to overcome.

I think he will come back against Kongo, mash him, rematch Gonzaga (providing Gonzaga aint champ, heres praying!) and then face Randy and win the belt, and get a contract extension.

If Gonzaga beats Randy (god forbid) then Cro cop will face Kongo, Randy then beat Gonzaga in the rematch for the title.
5/13/07 6:44:24AM
A match with Kongo could be interesting on the feet on the feet, and though Cheick has serious Kickboxing credentials it should still be one Mirko wins.

I personally would like to see a match up with Andrei Arlovski. AA has very good hands and footwork and some serious grappling credentials on paper. Is he at CC's level? Not quite, but I think he would prove a very game opponent and given he comes to fight, put on a great bout.
5/13/07 10:17:42PM

Posted by Rush

I also see him retiring once his UFC contract is done.

It's very possible and the reason I hope we only see Mirko fight the top guys. The UFC need to make these big fights happen before we're left with "what if's". Mirko vs Arlovski is a must.
5/14/07 4:14:59AM
I can see Zuffa giving Cro Cop a match that suits his style (i.e a stand up match) so Kongo would make sense. After all it was a big signing for the UFC to get CC, therefore at this stage they would have to chose his match ups carefully as it wouldn't make good business sense to put him against a specialist on the ground who could cause an upset. I'm sure Dana & co certainly wouldn't want him to lose 2 in a row.
5/14/07 5:38:59AM
i heard rumours it was kongo, this will be a good fight, i think cro cop will take it in the second round after a cautious first round from cro cop
5/14/07 1:12:18PM
kongo seems to be the guy he'll get, after that he has 3 fights left and i'm assuming one will be on the "super card" between pride and ufc. id like to see the last 2(assuming he fights in the super card) be any combo of nog, randy, gonzaga, and AA. i have a feeling after this contract is up we may not see him again unless he gets another shot at fedor.
5/14/07 3:56:23PM
Arlovski, Vera or Kongo would all make sense. Apparently Arlovski won't get the winner of GG/Couture, as his last performance sucked. I think Vera is the only one of the three with a chance against CC.
5/15/07 11:45:39AM
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