Mirko Cro Cop Vows Improvement, Knows UFC 115 Fight With Barry Is Must-Win

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4/30/10 1:40:43PM
Mirko Cro Cop hasn't exactly enjoyed the same success in the UFC that he once found back in Japan. The 2006 Pride FC Openweight Grand Prix Champion has only managed to compile a .500 record, going 3-3 in his time with the world's leading MMA promotion. There has been plenty of talk as to what is different with Cro Cop and why he seems to lack the killer instinct that at one time made him the most feared striker in the game. In an interview with Nokaut.com, the Croation heavyweight details what he's doing differently in order to improve his game in preparation for his upcoming bout with fellow kickboxer Pat Barry at UFC 115 on June 12.

4/30/10 2:33:29PM
Hopefully Cro cop can get the win. Im kind of worried he wont though. I see Barry coming out with some major speed and power and possibly winning by TKO in late first or early second.
4/30/10 2:55:09PM
I think Cro Cop gets the job done but I don't think it will be any more exciting than his last couple of victories.
4/30/10 3:44:58PM
this is the big name barry's ben looking for. he'll avoid the big kick of crocop and deliver some of his own. it will be really interesting if crocop shows some of his skills from the past. either i like barry in this one 3rd ko.
4/30/10 6:10:31PM
I hate to say it but i think this fight is tailor made for Pat to win. He is very explosive and has huge leg kicks. Mirko definatly has lost a bit of a step and taking kicks from Barry will slow him even more. Then Barry moves in for the KO. Kinda like the JDS fight only with a ton more leg kicks. I will be pulling for Mirko no doubt....but I have a feeling it will be in vain.
4/30/10 6:42:42PM
All this tells me is that Cro will go for the takedown if he sees it. And his ground game is so underrated. Regardless if cro cop keeps to his words, barrys in for a short night. Dont get me wrong i like barry and what he offers completely, but if the right cro cop shows hes done
4/30/10 6:50:52PM
I also hope Cro Cop can pull out the win, He needs to train hard, Hes put on a little pudge since his days in pride. Personally I would love to see him drop down to 205, It shouldn't be too hard of a cut for him and would make for many more interesting bouts without the size differential. The heavyweight division in the UFC is moving toward having people cut to get to 265 and I think that's much different than the heavyweights that were in pride. If he cut to 205 he'd get a little of his explosiveness and quickness back and could be a real problem for some of the fighters in the light heavyweight division. Either way I'm rooting for Mirko.
4/30/10 7:08:22PM
Mirko at 205? No way he makes that cut in this part of his career. Plus going to LHW the fights only get harder IMO.
4/30/10 7:15:08PM
This should seriously be it for Mirko. Unless he can find a way to get the big KO of old early on, Barry should take this one.
4/30/10 7:30:45PM
There's no way Mirko can make 205 at this stage. That being said, I agree with vinny, Cro Cop has an underrated ground game and I think if that's what he needs to do to win, he will do it. I believe he wants to stay in the UFC and make a run at something.
4/30/10 7:32:20PM
cc is way too slow for barry these days imo.
4/30/10 7:54:03PM
I might be thinking an AV bet on this fight. I don't know. I'll have to think about it a little bit more.
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