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9/30/07 11:54:52AM
I always thought that Cro Cop was one of the best fighters in the world, period. Lately, he has looked very pretty bad against the top in the UFC. I don't really hold the Gonzaga loss against him because he got ELBOWED(which he didn't train for) against the CAGE(again didn't train for) for four minutes then got kicked. But I also think that fight has made jim a different fighter. I don't think he'll ever be the same fighter again. We already know he can't beat Fedor, he probably can't beat Couture and he just loss to Kongo. I think is the beginning of the end for Cro Cop.
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9/30/07 12:09:04PM
Maybe, maybe not. I don't think you can ever count out a guy like CroCop. All it's going to take is one big head kick and Mirko getting a KO win for people to start saying "the old Mirko is back!" and "I knew he wasn't done!" and blah blah blah. Personally, I think he's very close to the end of his road in terms of MMA.
9/30/07 12:41:04PM
I honestly believe he can do whatever he wants. If he wants to come back and be champ he can probly do that. If he wants to retire, then he'll go back to ATJ Luko and be just fine. I do see him retireing from mma, and possibly joining K-1 and doing kickboxing after tightening up his kickboxing again.
9/30/07 1:18:44PM
Doesnt he have like 1 fight left on his contract? Well retirement has already been talked about before any of his fights in the UFC. I think he might fight one last time. finish out his contract and be done.
9/30/07 1:22:52PM
He figured he could stil lfight at his age in the ufc with less competition but now he's realizing that its time to hang up the gloves now that hes not matcvhing up to that either.
9/30/07 1:50:39PM
I don't think he will ever be back at the top of the HW div., maybe drop to 205 and see what happens. I think he still has 2-3 fights left on contract.
9/30/07 3:07:39PM
He has 3 fights left. He sounds like he wants to fight again, I don't think anyone wants to go out on a loss. Couture did and look at him now, he couldn't go out like that, he is like Rocky Balboa.

Cro Cop will probably come back and fight out his contract, then probably retire and go back to ATJ Lucko. He has expressed interest in returning to the unit, and if he does he won't have time to train and fight anymore. That said, I think his fight against Kongo was a write off, he got his ribs broken so quickly we can't really take that loss as a sign of where he is in his career. Rampage got his ribs broken by Shogun, then quickly dispatched, but he is now arguably (and in my opinion) the #1 205lber in the world. Cro Cop can still come back and make a few High light reel KOs before he is done.

As for Cro Cop returning to K-1, I see it as incredibly unlikely. The money there is great, but the competition is just too stiff right now. Unfortunately Cro Cop would never see glory there, as Schilt is going to be tough to topple, even for Le Banner, Aerts and Bonjasky. Cro Cop would need at least a year out to work on his striking before he was ready for K-1 level competition again, and I don't think he has enough will to fight left to put in that kind of commitment just to get ready for a tournament where he only has a very slim chance of winning.

Cro Cop would be a great addition to K-1 though, they need more HW talent to freshen things up. The problem is that they got a handful of phenomenal fighters , Sefo,Hoost, Aerts, Cro Cop, Le Banner, Hunt, Bonjasky, Schilt etc, and though Hunt and Cro Cop left, and Hoost retired, so they just have the same top fighters fighting each other over and over again, since all the newcomers are not good enough to really challenge the elite. It's an incredibly weird situation, K-1 has a handful of super fighters and loads of other good fighters, but the elite are untouchable, so they always take the GPs, and now the belts too. Schilt is on a roll with GPs atm, and he has the super HW belt. He is unstoppable, but unfortunately, not because he is a skilled fighter technically, just because he is big, so the fans are losing out at the moment. He is the Tim Sylvia of K-1 unfortunately.
9/30/07 4:20:22PM
You should hold the loss to Gonzaga against him. It's his fault for not training in the cage and for not training elbows. I don't think he's done but he will never be UFC Heavywieght champ.
9/30/07 6:28:43PM
CC is not done, 2 loses is bad but CC is one of the best stand up guys in the game, his ground looked good in his last fight, mounted kongo, put him in a triangle so that was great, he looked great the first round with kongo, kongo was movin back CC pushed the round so i cant say just because he lost he is done. Mirko has KO power, he can win any fight that he is in with it so IMO you can never count out CC
10/1/07 12:21:08AM
Every1 is counting him out just because he lost his last 2 fights. it must b a rule or something bcause every1 is doing it with chuck aswell. i think hell get back on his feet and will win a few fights and will b right back into the title contention
10/1/07 12:24:02AM
i was looking at the pic up there and dam kongo is cut up
10/1/07 1:43:15AM

Posted by loonytnt

i was looking at the pic up there and dam kongo is cut up

And slow with skinny legs. If Mirko threw punches and leg kicks he would have subbed kongo via leg kicks in the 2nd.
10/1/07 2:39:43AM
Imagine what Peter Aerts could do to Kongo

2007 Aerts could demolish him with his huge leg kicks, it's scary to think what 1997 Aerts could do! Would be an amazing match up, if very one sided. I still don't get why Kongo bothers with MMA, his loss against Carmello Marrero showed that his grappling has a long, long way to go, and I don't see how he will ever get past the strong grapplers of the HW division. I'd rather see him just doing random fights in K-1, where he could focus on striking only, which is obviously his talent, even if it isn't all that good compared to the top guys. I don't think he'd make the GP final 16, but he could have some decent matches against lower competition.
10/1/07 4:53:52PM
Unfortunately i think Mirko is done, but all's he needs is a good LHK KO or two, some motivation and a new contract extension for another 3 fights and he may have a run at the title before he finally goes.
10/1/07 11:55:05PM
He just got that nose surgery done, so i think we are going to see him come back and do some destroying, apparently his stamina was on like 60% so he got tired easy and couldn't go for the kill, so i say 1-2 more fights see was he is made out of...
10/2/07 1:05:53AM

Posted by Ultimate_fighter

He just got that nose surgery done, so i think we are going to see him come back and do some destroying, apparently his stamina was on like 60% so he got tired easy and couldn't go for the kill, so i say 1-2 more fights see was he is made out of...

I was gonna say, did no one read the article about that??? Not being able to breathe correctly during a fight is kind of a big deal. With his freshly fixed nose I say we see the CC of old come back and start rolling heads.
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