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12/29/08 12:33:57PM

Posted by Jackelope

Given that it was Nog I would have allowed him to take more shots. I mean, how many times have we seen Nog in that same predicament? I think the outcome would have been the same, though.

All in all I think the stoppage was fine and that it would have been merely a prolonging of the inevitable (Mir was clearly dominant)

Pretty much agree with you.
Seemed early,though I don't know if it would have change the outcome.
12/29/08 12:50:55PM
It wasn't early. We all have watched Nog go thru so much (in Japan where they let guys take dangerous beatings) and still win, that we all want to say "If you'd given him more time". But Nog has taken so much punishment in his life that you can also look at it the other way, here we've more concern for fighter safety (not just immediate, but we don't try to turn ppl punchy like boxing does). Too many of those wars could have Nog looking like Ali as he gets older. I would have like to see Nog win too, but we can't always get what we want.

Nothing controversial tho.
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