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8/9/08 2:05:43AM
Nog has a million different ways to win this fight. Only one way he'll lose is being submitted. Frank Mir sub Nog?! Bet on it.

The only person if any that could submit the heavyweight champion is Mir. Hes too aggresive with his subs cmon he broke 6'8" Tim Sylvias arm STANDING! DAYUM! Or how bout when he took out that small pony and roped him up. Yknow Brock Lesnar.

Nog wont see this coming...
8/9/08 2:48:27AM
wtf mir dont deserved a title shot
8/9/08 2:50:12AM
Mir is one of my fav fighters but even I'm not sure if he can do it. Good if he could if he could though.
8/9/08 4:01:12AM
Mir is only getting this fight because the UFC's Heavyweight Division is so depleted. I think Mir is a good fighter and is good enough for a title shot. He is an ex champion and a fun fighter to watch. But he should not be in line for the title shot.

He has only a two fight win streak one against an unready Lesnar and Antoni Hardonk who is slated for an underdog bonus vs Cain Velasquez at UFC 90. I am just making the point that in any other weight class Mir would not even be close to a Title shot.

The UFC need to take a serious look at their top weight class and find some quality fighters to beef it up. At this point Nog, Mir, Herring and maybe Werdum could be seen as possible champions. They have some young talent that will rise to the top with time but they need to supplement their roster now. If they are serious they need to be signing heavyweights, not letting them go.
8/9/08 4:36:11AM
mir is gonna win by sub?
8/9/08 4:40:15AM
This fight will look alot like his fight with werdum, except Mir wont be as aggressive or talented.
8/9/08 6:39:01AM
2 years ago the HW division was considered one of the strongest divisions and 185 it's weakest.

Oh the irony.
8/9/08 11:59:15AM
Nog is going to destroy Mir.
8/9/08 3:21:09PM
this is jus a mistake i believe.....no disrespect but frank mir doesnt deserve a title shot for tapping out brock lesnar when there are guys like werdum and gonzaga who could easily be better match ups for big nog.........i dunno jus my opinion i suppose
8/9/08 3:33:07PM
You think the only way he will win is a sub? I don't know how to take that.
8/9/08 5:01:07PM
Nog is just going to box Mir up. I dont know how long itl last but i just think itl be a stalemate on the ground and nog will totally dominate the stand up and either k.o frank or win a decision. Only way i see Frank winning is by getting the top postition and keeping nog on his back and winning a decision like Ricco did.
8/9/08 5:12:49PM

Posted by Mungooch

Mir is one of my fav fighters but even I'm not sure if he can do it. Good if he could if he could though.

i'm not sure if he can either, but I agree with the original post that if anybody can do it mir can. personally i think nog wins the fight with his superior hands, which is why i'm not looking forward to it.
8/9/08 7:20:39PM
My favorite division, my favorite fighters (Especially Mir) so it sucks that I have to pick who to win. It's pretty much impossible to rationalize how Mir is going to win the fight, and easy to argue for Nog. All I know is that anything can happen in MMA and I just hope for a great fight.
9/2/08 9:40:10PM
Nog, obv. Superior BJJ, superior striking...
9/2/08 10:12:15PM
you forgot mir's shoulder lock to petey williams , but ya hes still losing to nog. I see nog passing his guard and pounding him out ala marcio cruz.
9/3/08 9:30:27PM
I like Mir...as a person, but there is not one area he is better than Nog. Nog's boxing is better and there is no question that he has better BJJ. Mir's BJJ is good enough to survive for some time but the combination of getting boxed for two or three rounds will eventually lead to something sloppy that will get grabbed and bent. Nog 3rd round sub
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