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8/16/07 4:23:09PM
AT UFC 74 this fight is finally going to happen and if you look at Hardonk's trainging he seems unbeatable i mean he is 6'4 and is trainging kickboxing with Hoost who is unquestionably one of the the best in the world and training BJJ with Rickson who again unquesdtionably one of the best so if Antoni wins and Frank loses is Mir really that bad or is Hardonk that good
8/16/07 4:26:50PM
Mir hasnt been the same since his motorcycle accident, i think hardonk will be able to keep the fight standing and he will KO mir, and even if it goes to the ground i dont think mir will submitt him.....this is do or die for mir so he better find a way to win.....i am pickin hardonk by KO first round
8/16/07 4:40:45PM
It is true that Mir hasn't been the same since his accident. I hope he is in shape because this is gonna be a tough fight. I owe Mir big time because I got my girlfriend into MMA by showing her his fight with Silvia. Now she knows more about MMA than most of my friends that watch it LOL.
8/16/07 5:17:43PM
if justin mccully could control hardnok then mir shouldnt have a problem with him, unless he comes into the fight in the same shape as the dan christison fight, mir will win.
8/16/07 5:22:14PM
Mir's actually got a pretty decent stand up background. I can't remember his style but he's been doing stand up karate since he was like 6 or 7 years old and he's well decorated.

Obviously he's not the same since the accident, but I'm still hoping for a big Frank Mir come back. Let's hope he's got the hunger because everyone's right- this is do or die.
8/16/07 5:50:33PM
Hardonk is going to dominate this whole fight prolly win by UD. im going to get some phat cash off this fight.
8/16/07 7:10:44PM
It is going to be an exciting fight! Mir's only chance IMO is for him to get it to the ground quick and catch a sub in a scramble.

Apart from that I think Hardonk is going to prove too powerful and will have the better cardio for sure. Hardonk hits like a train and I promise you Mir will only be able to take a couple of Hardonk's low kicks.

Good fight, great card, can't wait for UFC 74

War Hardonk!!

bet at your own risk!!
8/17/07 9:35:06AM
I'm picking Mir, but laying money on Hardonk.

Anyone who has Ernesto Hoost as their striking coach has an excellent shot at winning.
8/17/07 9:49:48AM
i agree that mir has not been the same since the motorcycle incident. I'm still going with him via unconvincing decision but would not be surprised at all if hardonk takes it by stoppage
8/18/07 10:45:42AM
War Hardonk!!!!

Check out an interview with Hardonk at www.bloodyknux.com he talks about his fight with Mir and getting ready for UFC 74!

Can't wait!!
8/18/07 10:52:55AM
I agree, I think Mir is going to make something happen this fight, (although I've been saying that since his return).
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