Mir & Griffin Working With Mark Dellagrotte

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5/19/09 1:17:45PM
Frank Mir is working with MMA trainer-du-jour Marc Dellagrotte ahead of his challenge for the heavyweight title held by Brock Lesnar. And Forrest Griffin is also consulting the Boston-based trainer, who has recently move towards a Las Vegas expansion.

Dellagrotte is known for his knowledge of Muay Thai kickboxing and skill in adapting to the requirements of mixed martial arts, suggesting that Mir anticipates a standing fight with Lesnar, who he submitted in their first fight last year.

5/19/09 4:07:51PM
I think this is great news! I'm not sure how helpful Mark will be to Griffin against Silva, but if there's anybody that is used to cornering people against Silva - it's Dellagrotte 4-SURE!!!
5/19/09 4:26:36PM
Haha, Lesnar is screwed. Dellagrotte is the king of footwork
5/19/09 7:32:21PM
I am so excited for mma.
5/20/09 10:18:05AM
IMO Mir should just keep up what he was doing when he prepared for Nog.
He was totally on point like I've never seen. Couldn't hurt though I guess
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