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12/9/11 7:14:55PM
How do you see these fights playing out? Here's my guesses:

Mir vs Big Nog - As good as Mir looked and as bad as Nog looked in their last fight, I still think I'm gonna have to side with Big Nog. I do believe the illness excuse from last fight. This is the guy that Fedor, CroCop, and other legends in their prime could not finish. Seeing Mir come out and act like "K-1 Matt Hughes" for one fight isn't enough to make me think that he can repeat the victory.

Prediction: Nog R3 TKO after 260lb Mir gasses.

Tito vs Lil Nog - The "Tito is back" hype is about as substantial as a post-Thanksgiving fart in the wind. Nog hasn't looked like a top 10 in a long time. Both guys seem way over the hill to me. Maybe the winner can face Ron van Clief. That being said, Nog's boxing credentials combined with Tito's still-mediocre striking and diminished takedowns is a bad mix.

Prediction: Nog by decision.

Jones vs Machida - Nothing has slowed Bones down yet, and as "hard to figure out" as Machida is, there is now a blueprint on how to beat him. Bones also has the wrestling advantage, something that most people would factor as a huge plus. Popping in and out of range is gonna be a little harder than usual for Machida thanks to Bones long arms too I think. There's a rumor that Machida has something like the flu right now to boot - bad situation facing 5 rounds vs steamroller Jones.

Prediction: Bones R3 KO.

Feel free to rip me a new one after all my theories are debunked tomorrow!
12/9/11 7:30:33PM
I'm worried about this big Frank, I don't think he can go 3 good rounds. Don't remember him being that impressive against Cro Cop/Nelson and those went into the 3rd.

I think if that fight goes to a decision or into the 3rd, it would favor Nog. So maybe Mir finishes it early or doesn't finish it early and gasses and then Nog puts him away. As Mir has all 5 losses by tko.

I feel like this will be potentially Tito's last fight.

Seeing the size of Jones to Machida worries me, but I'm sticking by my pick of Machida R2 tko.
12/9/11 7:45:00PM
im picking nogs & jones

not confident in either nog though
12/9/11 8:41:27PM
Mir vs Big Nog:
Big Nog comes out swinging bombs & trying for flurries. Mir fires back with success but ops to take it to the ground & use that 260 pounds to his advantage. After a couple scrambles & submission attempts Nog will become winded & frustrated. The fight will make it to round 2 with Nog coming out flat footed & hands lowered. Mir will look for the easy sweep & tap the elder Nog with a guillotine choke or rear naked in the early minutes of the 2nd frame.

Tito vs Lil Nog:
Tito will come out guns blazing (Ala Bader) . Lil Nog will be caught off guard & spend the majority of the round back peddling & eating the odd combo. Second round will go to the ground early via Tito. Nog avoiding Titos signature gorilla GnP & eventually getting the reversal. Nog on top for the rest of the round battling for position & scoring minimal points with weak shots. Third round begins with both men visibly tired. Nog wants to take it back to the mat but Tito utilizes superior footwork & sloppy boxing to keep Mini Minotauro at bay & Tito coasts to a close decision.

Jones vs Machida:
2 rounds of Machida ninja eluding an aggressive Jonny Bones. Third round Jones getting more bold & begins to throw big shots & flashy elbows. The Dragons counter game begins to come out. A too-quick-for-human-eyes combo lands on Bones in the closing seconds of the round & Dragon looks comfortable coming into the fourth frame. A humbled Bones is more tentative with striking & starts choosing his shots. A back & forth round leaves fans & judges biting there nails. Fifth round begins & both men are fired up. Both hungry for the finish. Bones begins to spin, Dragon begins to kick. Half way through the frame Dragon gets clipped, nobody in Toronto is sitting down. Dragon makes his way back to his feet but ate a couple bows in the process. The last minute sees a bloody Dragon & a desperate Bones unload on eachother. Both fighters eating fists but neither giving in. Bones reach is finally affecting Machida & the fight ends with the judges giving Bones the UD nod.

You read it here first
12/9/11 9:07:40PM
Mir TKO - - Rd 2
Lil Nog - - UD
Jones - - TKO Rd 4
12/9/11 9:34:08PM
mir by UD or maybe split, either way its going to the judges. mir is probably gonna try to KO nog again and it will be a boring stand up battle

tito will continue his losing streak by way of UD for little nog. tito looked soft at the weighins, so did nog but he's never looked very stacked. all hes really got to do to beat tito is stop the takedown and that looks to be fairly simple considering titos last few fights.

jones will win by either UD or late tko. i dont mean to be vague but it will probably be one sided till the end or until jones gets a late tko. either way it will be one sided.
12/10/11 2:55:17AM

Big Nog if he survives the first round onslaught and second round cagehump

Lyoto by dec if he survives the first and second. Never seen him outperformed really despite getting caught once taken to a draw once and screwed once. Jones is dangerous but he better have a damn good jab if he wants to score.
12/10/11 5:38:25AM
For me this is a case of once Jones gets him in trouble he will finish him off, Ill give Jones a round to find his range then I expect Jones to drop him with a punch and finish him with those nasty elbows.

Jones rd2 tko

I just dont see this fight being any different from there last fight, Nog looked great against Schaub but has struggled when caught on the chin, Im going with

Mir rd1 tko.

Lil Nog has not looked good in a long time, Ortiz is a bad match up for him, he will basically use his wrestling to control Lil Nog I dont expect he will cause much damage but for me this will be Tito's 2nd win in 3 fights.

Ortiz UD
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