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2/3/07 2:09:26PM
Less than an hour left. I have 150 left. I'll take almost any bet sent as long as you don't contradict my picks. I'll offer good odds on lutter or hoger. I really believe in smith but don't wanna give someone odds on an underdog. Like I said I'd like to have it all on the line so hurry I'll take almost any bet.
2/3/07 2:34:12PM
Sent you one over for my last $30.

Me = CC wins in round 2

You = CC wins in round 1
2/3/07 2:37:40PM
Awesome, got a great reaction to this thread. Couple guys that didn't bother to post here as well.

I'm down to 10.... anyone?

Can't wait til the event.

Good fight, Good night.
2/3/07 2:40:17PM
sned me a bet on your last 10 your looking for i got 50 if you wnt some odds and take a underdog send me a bet if you like
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