'Minowaman' happy to be fighting on U.S. soil, hopes to one day fight for UFC in Japan

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1/21/12 5:27:09PM
With so much uncertainty in his native country's MMA scene, Ikuhisa Minowa began branching off from his usual stomping grounds.

The U.S. was always an attractive option, but he was always under contract with the biggest Japanese promotions, who relentlessly employed him for his showmanship and willingness to fight anyone – really, anyone.

When those promotions fell into disrepair, Minowa had talks with the UFC to appear in the promotion's return to Japan at UFC 144. His profile popped up on their website. But the contract never got done. Link
1/21/12 6:40:46PM
im really interested to see if minowaman can compete at this level, he hasn't fought stiff competition for some time now and just like fedor, if a fighter doesn't continue to challenge himself his skills will suffer. i say grove stops him early. minowaman always has a chance with diving for leg locks and other subs. im still a minowaman fan though
1/21/12 7:48:20PM
I'd love to see Minowaman succeed as well, but I also think Grove stops him. I agree he hasn't fought the type of high caliber fighters the UFC has to offer.
1/21/12 8:01:16PM
Minowa a guy I think a lot of us hardcore fans like to have around but I don't know if he could ever be on par with top UFC competition. Would like to see him on a UFC japan card though. I think he's come a long way though.
1/21/12 11:20:06PM
reminder to those w/ HDNet: only 2 fights away from the main event!!!!
1/22/12 12:28:05AM
1/22/12 12:29:40AM
Not a bad night of fights
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