Minotauro Nogueira In Talks To Face Velasquez On 1/2

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11/4/09 7:43:25PM
Despite rumors either might be next in line for a UFC Heavyweight Title shot after Shane Carwin, that apparently will not be the case for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cain Velasquez. In fact, they're likely facing each other next. The TATAME site reports Nogueira's manager has confirmed the fight, but no word from the Velasquez camp yet. The fight is tentatively scheduled for UFC 108 on January 2.

11/4/09 7:53:41PM
really interesting matchup! good test for cain
11/4/09 8:21:26PM
Apparently the bout has been agreed to by both camps. Link
11/4/09 8:22:46PM
i def have cain winning this... should be good tho
11/4/09 8:30:06PM
This is a great #1 contender fight...very happy to see this fight on the horizon..the winner would clearly be next in line for Lesnar...the next question would be...What happens to the Gonzaga/Dos santos winner?
11/4/09 9:00:19PM
I would kinda rather see one of them get a title shot.
11/4/09 9:15:53PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I would kinda rather see one of them get a title shot.

one of them will
11/4/09 9:16:04PM
Very good match up IMO. I got Nog in this one. I cant see Cain being able to control him on the ground for to long before getting reversed or submitted, and I think Nogs boxing is alot better to.
11/4/09 9:21:49PM
I will be picking the Nog's to beat the Caines.
11/4/09 11:09:17PM

Posted by jae_1833

I will be picking the Nog's to beat the Caines.

And I shall be picking the Caines against the Nog's.
11/5/09 12:01:04AM
I will also be picking the Nogs against the Cains.I think this fight is gonna be really hard for Velasquez to win stylistically and that there is no way in hell he finishes nog. Nog by 2nd rnd sub.

Again to that new guy. Referring to Brock Lesnar as "a pro wrestler" is borderline fighter bashing IMO. Not trying to do your job for you MODs. Just saying. A lot of people here, my self included, expect Lesnar to beat Carwin. I for one find it somewhat offensive that you state your opinion as a fact because it is circuitously attacking my opinion.
11/5/09 12:09:35AM
nice fight, but I'm a lot more anxious to see the Nog/Mir rematch.
11/5/09 12:19:43AM

Posted by bjj1605

I for one find it somewhat offensive that you state your opinion as a fact because it is circuitously attacking my opinion.

Youre not the only one that finds it offensive.
11/5/09 12:32:04AM
Nogueiras got sick submissions. But I think Cain will overpower him. Nog split wins with Hendo and Cain is bigger and stronger than Hendo. He tore Rothwell apart. I see this going to a UD for Cain but Nog could definitely get the submission.
11/5/09 4:26:01PM
I doubt Nog will be able to tap Cain out. His boxing is the undervalued x-factor in his game, he ate Randy right up in that department. Cain is certainly bigger and stronger, very interesting match up. No doubt Cain gets the takedown, probably gets a UFC stoppage throwing hundreds of strikes on the ground. What needs to be remembered is victories in PRIDE where Nog ate shots for 10 + minutes and grabbed an arm after someone gassed wont be happening, UFC loves a quick stoppage once a person is taking any kind of punishment. I think we have seen that evidenced all too much lately.

What happens with the winner of Gonzaga and Dos Santos .. **** who knows... injuries have been tearing this division up more than any fighter. I guess Carwin is looking to fight after Lesnar realized he had mono, not H1N1 (easy mistake, right?).
After Dos Santos knocks out Gonzaga I could see them in the mix.

Win or lose Nog is still a contender, a re-match with Mir (win or lose) after the Kongo fight is good for him. At the same time, a fight with Kongo would be good for him as well.

Reality of the situation is we have two heavy weight divisions - 255 to 265 lb monsters and genetic freaks (Carwin, Lesnar, Duffee) and then those 230lb guys who are great technical fighters, but have little to offer someone in the higher weight classes. I mean, what would Cain do against a Carwin or Lesnar, gnp? I think not.
11/5/09 6:34:21PM
After watching big Nog almost sub Couture I'm just about 100% sure can and finish Cain with a sub and to say cain is stronger than randy would be crazy cause he held his own vs lesnar in the strength department. Nog has fought and defeated wreslters for years now cain will be another one on Nogs list
11/5/09 11:58:43PM
Tough to say, but based on what I've seen in the kongo n stojnic fights cain definitly doesnt have the power to put nougeira away, but at the same time we havent seen Cain fight anyone with remote submission skills so his defense could be great it could be awful, I'm interested to see if cain will try to keep it on his feet because he wants to avoid nog's submissions
11/7/09 1:34:00PM
Great fight, probably leaning towards Cain via sprawl and brawl. If at any point it hits the ground though (and for some reason despite a decent wrestling base Nog finds a way to get it there) I deon't think Cain is going to be able to avoid being swept, even with his ridiculous wrestling base.
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