"Minotauro" Nogueira eyes UFC title unification bout with Randy Couture

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9/14/08 11:10:01AM
Despite currently holding UFC gold, interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira believes he's still two fights away from being the true world champion.

And as Nogueira recently told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com), he wants to go through Randy Couture to get there.

"When I fought against (Tim) Sylvia, I was thinking about being the world champion," Nogueira said of his UFC 81 interim title bout. "And I made it.

"Randy Couture came back, and he has the title, too. I think I have to fight against him, and whoever wins is going to be the real world champion of the UFC."

Couture will first have to get past his UFC 91 battle with WWE-import Brock Lesnar. Although Lesnar will enjoy a 40-pound weight advantage in the bout, Nogueira feels confident that Couture will prevail.

"I think Randy Couture is going to win the fight," Nogueira said. "That's my opinion. He's much more experienced. He's got a big history as a fighter."

9/14/08 11:31:33AM
i think mir is gonna beat nog. brock is gonna beat randy. and i think brock has a legitimate chance of coming out on top as the heavyweight champ
9/14/08 11:54:07AM
Is it me or Nog is counting Lesnar out, he is just talking about fighting Randy. Not saying that Lesnar will win but he does have a chance.
9/14/08 12:09:08PM
He's not counting Lesnar out. All he said was he thinks Randy will win because he's much more experienced. It's just a prediction. Unless you mean his comments about wanting to fight Randy for the title. That has nothing to do with Lesnar though, he's simply expressing his respect for the current champion, the same way that Randy talks about wanting to fight Fedor. It's not looking past his current opponent, it's just a matter of respect for what he sees as a great fighter with a legacy.

I think anyone in Nog's position would be rooting for Randy, because he has a great legacy. Even if Brock beats Randy, a win over Randy will still mean more than a win over Brock because of his legacy and the fact that he doesn't have any gaping holes in his game. Brock is definitely amazing at what he does, but he's got a gaping hole in the area of sub defense for now, whereas Randy is a seasoned vet with many strengths.
9/14/08 1:00:31PM
I hate the reasoning behind this damn tournament, but I think the matchups are so very exciting!
The HW belt could go to any one of these guys and I think that in the next several months we are going to be seeing some great HW fights. For that I am thankful. Some great fights coming up...
9/14/08 8:32:15PM
Its going to be Nog vs Brock and Nog will prevail where Mir did. I will be so happy when all this b/s is over and Nog gets what he rightfully deserves, to be known as the real champ. You shouldnt be able to take off a year and a half and still be champ just because you decide to come back when Mir and Nog are tied up and fight the next best thing. I lost the last ounce of respect I had for Randy after this, Cant believe I'm saying this but War Brock.
7/22/09 8:33:38PM
Where did this come from?
7/22/09 8:45:35PM
Bringing back the dead eh?
7/22/09 8:47:56PM
Nah, I didn't notice the date, it just popped up under reccommeded threads... I'm new here and didn't realize how old this thread was..
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