"Minotauro" Nogueira's Championship Heart

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6/30/07 10:57:07AM
November 9, 2003. For almost ten minutes at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira went through hell. In a battle for the interim PRIDE heavyweight championship, the Brazilian was battered and bloodied by Mirko Cro Cop, forced to absorb the Croatian’s legendary left kicks to the head and body, and thrown to the side like a bag of laundry with almost every takedown attempt in the round’s late stages.

6/30/07 12:44:30PM
That man can take a beating.
6/30/07 2:14:24PM
Heath is in a lot of trouble and is going to lose again to Nogueira by submission. Heaths BJJ sucks compaired to Nogueira's.
6/30/07 2:54:38PM
lol lots of ppls BJJ sucks compared to nog's.
7/1/07 2:26:11AM

Posted by cmill21

lol lots of ppls BJJ sucks compared to nog's.

7/1/07 6:06:02AM
Yep, Nogueira is an absolute wizard on the ground!
7/1/07 12:31:19PM
Great Article man, thanks for the link. I have seen Nog fight three times I think, and that is not enough. I want to see alot more of this guy and with him being here in the UFC that will happen, so I am sitting here with a big smile. I will have to give it up to Thomas Gerbosi, the guy who wrote the article. That was very well written and that is not something we see alot of in the MMA community. War Nog!
7/1/07 5:58:48PM
The HW division if stacked now with Big Nog. If Couture keeps his title after Gonzaga, which I think he will, he's gonna have his hands full with the rest of the division.
7/2/07 9:56:05AM
Gota love Nog's can't wait to see him in the Ufc.
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