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1/16/09 8:43:41PM
This is an idea that I have been throwing around in my head for awhile, but I think it's finally time to let everybody know.

I think that it would make sense to make a rule where you can't start a new thread until you have made at least, let's say, 50 posts in the forums.

This would do a number of things:

-New members could become acquainted with how our forum works. The flow that we have now as regulars really works, but it's thrown off from time to time with a thread from a newb (no offense) that hasn't been around long enough to realize that this isn't Sherdog.

-People who sign up just to post links to news from their site would be dissuaded from ever trying to post, because making it to 50 posts is too much work for most people that only want some free advertising.

Implementing something like this isn't unheard of, mainly because of the two reasons that I stated above. I think that this rule would keep our board clean and efficient, and a much better place to be overall.

Thoughs? Mods?
1/16/09 8:59:05PM
It's not a bad idea, but there have to be a couple of exceptions to the rule...the "Introduce Yourself" and "Fight Camp Central" threads. Also, something that would be a problem is that a handful of the serious players of the game rarely post...and it's hard to say that someone who's been playing the game for a year or two, but isn't very active in the threads, can't start a thread.
1/16/09 9:00:58PM
Same thing with Premium members, they'd have to be excepted as well.
1/16/09 9:01:09PM
he has some good points. not saying its a bad idea but iwth all the things that would have to be done im not sure its worth the little good it may do
1/16/09 9:40:14PM
Not a bad idea as it would deter trolls and what not, but from what I read on here, the new programmer is already playing catchup as it is, so implementing new features is probably on the backburner.

Good idea though.
1/16/09 10:28:57PM
I wouldn't be opposed to the second suggestion, most of us can easily name 2 such members who only do just that in the News Share Forum (kastro_316 & JimmieDD).
1/17/09 5:48:37AM
maybe a minimum post count/minimum memebership period ?

For example:

When you've made 50 posts or when you've been a member for 3 months, whichever comes first.

Just a thought.
1/17/09 6:40:22AM
I dont agree, there are people who have been here for a long time but dont post, and then they come up with a good topic and have to wait for a certain amount of time?

How often do trolls start topics and try to get free advertising? Because it gets cleaned up pretty fast by the mods. To put a certain amount of time on someone either post wise or time wise is something I dont agree with.

You can get acquainted with how our forum works in a few days, not 3 months, and the "newbs" who do such things im sure get warnings or a talking to by others.
1/17/09 6:57:43AM
I don't necessarily agree either, i was just putting a suggestion out there.......
1/17/09 12:36:47PM
Not a bad idea.
1/17/09 1:15:27PM
I think its fine the way it is now and I'm one of the people that have to clean up the bad topics. I think when you set a min post count to start a new topic you loss some really good topics. We have a lot of members that have been around since the start that don't post much but when they do it almost always a good topic. I could see doing this if we had a really bad problem keeping the place clean but we really don't.
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