what is the minimum age to compete in amatuer mma?

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4/22/09 8:29:50PM
does anyone know what the minimum age to compete in amatuer mma in Arizona. mad props in advance
4/22/09 9:18:26PM
16or 17
4/22/09 9:49:54PM
what about for the fights on the reservations? ive heard the allow younger than that to compete
4/23/09 1:39:23AM
I don't know about AZ but here in Oklahoma you must be 16 and have it signed by a parent and that parent must be there to compete. Its the same for reservations as well in Oklahoma. Now there is under ground fights but they are not legal and 99% of the time have no medical personal on hand and the refs most of the time have no clue or there are no rules. Which is bad because you never know what may happen. I know a kid that I helped train that went to one of the under ground fights and ended up almost getting killed because he broke his neck. He spent 3 months in the hospital and another 2 years recovering from it.
4/23/09 6:48:04PM
UFC---- ultimate fetus championship

4/23/09 8:44:00PM
Don't quote me on this, but I'm fairly certain it is 16 years old in Arizona. You can always email the commish or give them a call
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