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11/25/07 1:52:17PM
alright, last time many people came close, but no one got 5/5 right. this time i came up with another 5 questions with a harder difficulty level. same rules apply. Use only your brain, no web sources. If you get 5/5 right you get props. If no none gets 5/5, then the closest score gets props. ok now for the questions:

1) Name the Maine native who trained in MMA while running a bar and moved to Miletich Fighting Systems in 2000.

2) This fighter was a doorman for the bar mentioned in question one. Who is he?

3) This fighter bought Oscar De La Hoya's California retreat and training facility. Who is he?

4) This Brazilian made his U.S debut at Hawaii winning in 12 sec. Who is he?

5) In July 2006, why was the match between Kimo and Bas canceled?

BONUS: Name the fighter the Brazilian defeated in question 4

Scores: Aaronno9 - 5/5

D0wnUnd6e6r - 3/5 (+1) = 4/5
11/25/07 10:15:46PM
c'mon i know you guys can get this one
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