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2/10/08 12:36:18AM
Just to spawn some new trivia, i wanted to make a little 5 question mini-quiz of trivia. best 3 scores get props. (if there is a tie then i will implement a tie breaker which i will pm to the users). PLEASE DON'T POST ANSWERS IN TOPIC. PLEASE DON'T USE ONLINE SOURCES, JUST YOUR BRAIN and pm me your answers. ok now for the quiz:

1) What year did Fedor win the Heavyweight World Combat Sambo Championships? What year did he win in Open weight?

2) Who did the man synonymous with the D'Arce choke (Joe D'Arce) get his black belt in BJJ from?

3) What HW fighter is the 2007 ADCC Superfight Champion?

4) After losing to big nog by way of armbar, i came back and ironically armbared my next opponent. Who am I?

5) Who has a KO by leg kick?

the Trivia will end in one week on February 17 at 12pm Eastern Time
2/10/08 12:51:36AM
Great Trivia, this is a tough one if you have never seen Pride commentary's
2/10/08 12:54:19AM

hotrodttt: 5 / 5
richieb19: 4.5 / 5
Svatorm: 1.5 / 5
mkiv9secsupra: 1.5 / 5
NatedawgThaM: 1 / 5
2/10/08 12:58:47AM
haha i know number 4 and 5...wow i suck at this mini trivia game
2/10/08 2:29:47PM

Posted by BlazinSaddle

haha i know number 4 and 5...wow i suck at this mini trivia game

try and take it and see how you do
2/11/08 11:01:42PM
any more takers?
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