5.7 Million Viewers Makes Cain vs JDS Most Watched UFC Event Ever

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11/13/11 7:08:20PM
So if you have a twitter you'll already know that MMA media types are proclaiming the UFC's first foray onto Fox as a massive failure now that the initial ratings are released. Prior to the night, expectations ranged from the realistic (6.5 million) to the hilarious (10+ million). There was also some discussion regarding what would be an acceptable number for Fox and the UFC with hopes they would surpass Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson.

According to the people at TV by the Numbers, the hour long show did a 2.4 rating with a 7 share at the 18-49 range. Total viewers for the initial estimates are 4.65 million. Now, these are incredibly early and shouldn't be considered the final rating. TV by the Numbers included a disclaimer saying "Due to the nature of live coast-to-coast programming the ratings for ABC (College Football), CBS (Republican Debate) and Fox (UFC) are approximate and subject to more than the typical adjustments in the final numbers. See below for more information on these Fast Affiliate Ratings." This essentially means that there are a number of households that haven't yet been tallied.

11/13/11 7:22:28PM
From a ratings standpoint, I think the UFC fared really well. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.
11/13/11 8:35:30PM
i know many that would have watched had it been more than one fight. i also know many who dvr'd the event & watched it when they got home.
i was a little more worried that around 10 million people were reported in Sao Paulo, when the first number thrown out was 60 million. 10 seems like a lot to me, but when you predict 60, it's waaaaay short
11/13/11 9:37:53PM
Not too shabby for a "teaser" event.
11/13/11 10:21:01PM
5.7Million views vs. The predicted 60 million in Brazil... hmmmm...
11/13/11 11:11:55PM
If I were working at Zuffa, I'd probably be pretty pleased. They haven't sniffed ratings like this since the season finale of TUF 1. And while they might not have surpassed the EliteXC numbers, I am sure if they had a four or five fight card they would have.

Let's see how things go in 2012
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