UFC 91 Does More Than 1 Million Pay-Per-View Buys

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12/10/08 9:27:36PM

UFC has not made a public announcement of the buys for UFC 91, but privately, Dana White has told people the number is right at the 1 million mark. Two others have confirmed that at least this is the number UFC is talking about internally, with the actual figure being pegged at 1,010,000 buys. It was stated that if they do well in late reported buys, they have a solid to good shot at beating the 1,050,000 mark set in 2006 by Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz, and are not publicly saying anything because they want to announce it was the biggest ever, which at this point, is something they can’t say. Keep in mind our trending patterns came in at 800,000 to 850,000 buys. Lesnar seems to be the one person whose drawing power never gets fully reflected in early trending patterns.

12/12/08 2:29:16PM

the results they were getting were nowhere near that high. i am glad it was able to draw over 1,000,000 buys, it really shows the growth of the sport and the potential Brock Lesnar really has to earn the UFC some serious, serious money.
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