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3/14/09 10:55:14AM
Just five months ago, the MMA world was shocked to hear of the sudden retirement of the indescribable Jason "Mayhem" Miller (21-6).

But it now it seems we may be getting more of Miller than ever before with the upcoming debut of an original MTV series and an April title bout in the upstart Kingdom MMA.

And if you choose to believe the 28-year-old's latest story - told to TAGG Radio (, the official radio partner of ( - the whole retirement scare was just a misunderstanding, anyway.

3/14/09 2:35:46PM
MORE Miller please
3/15/09 1:09:58PM
Miller retired?
3/15/09 1:20:27PM
Mayhem is the man.
3/15/09 1:58:48PM
Miller is an exciting fighter and i always enjoy watching him fight cant wait for this fight
3/15/09 8:50:01PM
Didn't know he retired
3/16/09 2:01:11AM

Posted by postman

Didn't know he retired

He kind of didn't really. He was misquoted in an interview and just sort of went along with it.
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