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6/14/08 4:38:58AM
regular milk sucks, chocolate milk is where its at
6/14/08 2:49:57PM
nothing touches a cherry ICEE when it comes to stoned cottonmouth, i would drive 20-30 minutes for one when i was younger and getting high and it was well worth it.
6/14/08 5:26:00PM
Back in the day it was a toasted peanutbutter & Jelly sandwich....... Like 5 of them
6/14/08 7:03:44PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

Back in the day it was a toasted peanutbutter & Jelly sandwich....... Like 5 of them

toasted pb&j's are fxcking awesome stoned or sober
7/2/08 8:46:55PM

Posted by asterisk

Posted by bobbydoomocculta

The best sandwich ever:

bacon rashers
meatballs/rissoles or any other cheap meat you've got lying around
grilled onion (optional)
tiny bit of lettuce or anything green (optional)
tomato OR bbq sauce

lightly toast that son of a bitch and away you go!

P.S... When made correctly it'll be so greasy it's like it's own drink... If you're soft and need to wash it down straight bourbon on the rocks is the way to go....

That's too much work, man. I have an update... I just bought the BEST FUGGIN thing ever; Welch's summertime splash in one of those concentrate cans. I literally fell out of my chair it was so good. A $2 can makes a large pitcherworth. If anyone knows of the beverage of which I speak, spread the word!!

Get a George Foreman grill... You don't have to worry about shit... Just make sure you pour the fat back onto everything or you might grow up to be really old...
7/3/08 4:33:31AM
To drink: float made with Blue Sky cherry vanilla soda and Sheridan's frozen custard, or milk, bananas, cream, and dark chocolate in the blender with some ice

Munchies: Elvis sandwich (peanut butter, bananas, fried bacon on whole wheat, dipped in batter, fried, powdered sugar & syrup optional)

Edit: Yes, it will kill you faster than a heroin overdose and ruin months of training in one delicious bite.
7/3/08 7:43:32PM
I don't really have a favourite, which is why its so fun to go to 7/11 to pick up munchies. Usually end up getting a slurpee of some kind with chips and taquitos. At home, toasted peanut butter and jelly with a glass of milk is pretty good, or anything else that's edible with some tang, juice, Coke, or iced tea. Beer is acceptable, but I usually prefer sweeter drinks when I'm baked.
7/3/08 8:58:07PM
Personal favorite snack when im buzzing is some good old almond joys

funny thing before i ever started smoking i hated anything with coconut in it.well one day i was buzzed and hungry as hell.well the only thing i could find were some almond joys.dam they tasted so good.ever since that day the almond joy is my favorite candy/food of all time

favorite drink while buzzed i would have to say would be cranberry juice .dont ask why just is
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