Mike Whitehead Wants Tito Ortiz

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7/23/09 2:47:55AM
Found this interestiing. What are your thoughts on this possible matchup. Who wins Tito or Whitehead. I have heard though that Whitehead is gonna fight Mike Kyle in October.

Whitehead want Tito Ortiz
7/23/09 3:41:14AM
What up Chubb? You know that I love me some Whitehead. I think that he'd tear Tito's arms off and beat him to death with them. Mike Kyle? If so thats a shitty reward for beating Randleman. War Whitehead!!
7/23/09 3:40:34PM
is weight at all a factor??
7/23/09 10:51:53PM
I personally would rather see anyone destroy Mike Kyle, so I want to see that fight and see Kyle's career be ended. It amazes me every time I see this guy on a card that he can even get sanctioned after his incident a few years ago. The guy is a straight up villain.

7/23/09 10:54:53PM
He can barely beat an old hesistant not himself Randleman that almost took him out in the 3rd and now he thinks he can beat Tito? I think Tito would actually dominate him and beat him wherever the fight goes.
7/23/09 10:59:31PM
Tito probably would take that fight as well. A healthy Tito could make it back into the top ten at LHW, something I don't really think that Whitehead could do.

7/23/09 11:02:00PM
You sir have no idea what you are talking about. At the risk of coming off like Mac Danzig, Mike Whitehead is a f*cking warrior.
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