Mike Whitehead is going the way of Travis Wiuff

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12/23/09 11:22:01PM
A very talented fighter at 205 for whatever reason has decided they are too good to cut weight and are therefore doomed to become mediocre heavyweights.

Seriously, 260lbs? Your a 205lber...have some sense man.
12/24/09 1:29:28AM
another good reason to split the heavy weight division
12/24/09 6:00:48PM
Those 2 guys are not the ones I would site as reasons to split the HW Div, use some better fighters you know; Couture, Cain V., Kongo, GG, fighting guys like Mir, and Lesnar. Plus you all do understand that a split HW div is going to spell the doom of the true HW div, right. Do you really think that there is enough talented fighter's out there weighing in at 250+ to keep a division alive....I personally know of maybe 6 guys who could keep that division alive and after 2 years it would be over. New blood keeps the divisions growing, keeps things stirred up and interesting. The HW div is so large a weight class because all the talent, speed and athleticism is eaten up by the lower wieght classes. Just look at what the UFC pulled in for the last TUF Season! It was horrible!! I would honestly bet that in a one night tourney Brock/Carwin/Nog/Mir/Cain could defeat every single one of those guys.
12/26/09 8:16:30PM
I grew up With White head, but havnt talked to him since the king mo fight but I thout he looked over weight and out of shape; compared to when he fights at 205. you think wand would push him to get into shape. He beat Randellman I think that was 205
1/4/10 12:13:43AM
I think splitting the HW division is a bad idea.
1/31/10 10:16:30AM
Yeah Whithead didnt look like he had "the spark" in his fight with Mo. I Really like MIke as a fighter and hope he can get back to LHW and do some damage again.
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