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6/30/08 1:20:16AM
Has anyone else heard of this game.. or when its supposed to be out.. Mike Tyson's Tap-Out!! for the gameboy advance?

I heard its supposed to have an all-star cast.

Mike Tyson

Tim Silvyia

Bas Rutten

Choi Hong-man

Cabbage Corriera

Lyoto Machida

I even heard there are some crazy Un-lockable characters such as:

Carl Winslow, and Rocky

Bolo (Enter The Dragon)

Man this will be so great I can wait.

I was able to secure this negative from undisclosed sources.

6/30/08 1:22:28AM
oh boy a dream bout with tyson
6/30/08 2:32:59AM
Cabbage and Bas
6/30/08 7:57:51PM
I love Punch Out! I hauled my old Nintendo out recently. My 6 year old fell over laughing when he saw King Hippo lose his shorts on the body punches. That game will always be awesome.
6/30/08 9:04:35PM
This would rule. Punch out was sweet.
7/1/08 12:44:18PM
Yea my NES broke in the Philippines, but I bought this FC twin system things that plays NES and SNES games. I was playing punch out and noticing how some of the guys resembled mma fighters. The one that first got my attention was sodapop. Reminded me of Bas in his Pancrase days with the Pro wrestling style gear.

King Hippo reminded me most of scott ferrozo, but scott had hair.. maybe ill do an edit? :)
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