Mike Swick seeks defining performance in third welterweight bout

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12/8/08 1:10:29PM
Mike Swick isn't satisfied. Not yet anyway.

Despite a dominant performance in a unanimous-decision victory over Marcus Davis at UFC 85, Swick doesn't believe he has hit his stride as a welterweight. Never mind that he convincingly beat a fighter who had not lost in 11 consecutive fights over a nearly three-year period.

It wasn't good enough for Swick.

12/8/08 2:56:27PM
Swick will return to his Mike "quick" Swick days with a vicious knock out over Goulet in the second round. Swick will gain knockout of the night honors.
12/8/08 3:19:47PM
Swick needs to put on a good fight win or lose in this fight.
12/8/08 4:14:59PM
Sorry But I gotta go for the upset on this one. Yeah he looked pretty good aginst Davis but I think he is looking past Goulet and that is always bad.
12/8/08 4:17:39PM
I think he is gonna put Goulet down in the opening minutes. WAR SWICK!!!
12/8/08 4:28:28PM
Swick is going to need an exciting finish in this fight......He has been pretty boring as of late......
12/8/08 5:26:22PM
i think he will gain the KO he needs
12/8/08 9:01:06PM
The swick of old would have the job done in 0.3 seconds but these days maybe 2-3 rounds. Don't get me wrong he is one of my fav fighters I just don't want to see another burkman performance.
12/8/08 9:45:27PM
Swich, tapout, early. I like Goulet, he's a Canadian and so am I, but he has to be one of the most one dimensional fighters in that division. As for Swick's continuing success at WW, he's going to need a lot to make it in a division that's so top heavy. I honestly cant see him beating a top 5 guy without some more seasoning. After beating Davis, a fighter I really respect, I see fighting Goulet as a bit of a step down for him considering Goulet is no where on anyone's radar. Was Karo too busy, or still wallowing in shame after Thiago?
12/9/08 12:33:25PM
I have a feeling that if Swick and Yoshida wins their fights, then they will match them up, maybe like an AKA versus Yoshida sort of thing would be neat i guess, not really but the thought is out there. Especially if Yoshida stops Koscheck where a top contender like Alves and current champ GSP couldn't, a lot of attention will be swung Yoshida's direction and a fight with a higher ranked contender like Swick or even Fitch (if/when he beats Gono)....

Or that could be ignored completely and either Swick or Yoshida could fight guys like Parisyan or Diego Sanchez who are definitely the gatekeepers for title contention.
12/9/08 1:20:38PM
Swick will get his defining moment against Jonathon Goulet
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