Mike Swick Proves He's Back On Track

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12/17/08 3:56:34AM
If there’s one ideal that’s become all too commonplace in sports, it is “what have you done for me lately?” What someone may have accomplished in the past can quickly be forgotten if in the eyes of observers they haven’t performed up to those previous standards in recent times.

For Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight Mike “Quick” Swick that is must have been how it felt to him – despite his impressive credentials for both the promotion and in his overall MMA career – when people began to doubt him and his skills.

12/17/08 10:37:37AM
I see Quick rising the ladder rather quickly.
12/17/08 11:31:02AM
Yep, I think Swick is gonna start killing people and could be a threat to a lot of good fighters in his divsion.
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