Mike Swick vs. Josh Burkman at UFN 12

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11/26/07 8:52:11AM
OMG, this is a suck freaking fight Fight of the night IMO. I think they will go at an extremely fast paced. I had to for a second because I thought I was dreaming. But no I just

Crazy fight. I'm pulling for Burkman since he's one of my favorite WW fighters but I think he'll gas in the late second and get KO'd in the 3rd.

I'm rooting for action packed split or unanimous at best decision for Burkman. But the smart pick is Swick by TKO in the late minutes of the fight.
11/26/07 9:18:31AM
Burkman might win by Decision unless he decides to go punch for punch with swick then he's prolly going to lose.
11/26/07 11:10:19AM
This should be a great fight but if Swick doesnt cut weight right to make it to 170 he might be in alot of trouble hopefully it wont be like dean listers first cut to 185. This should be a war and im going to pull for Swick in this fight im going with 2nd round KO.
11/26/07 11:11:42AM
Swick rd 1KO... Who's next?
11/26/07 12:05:33PM
Joe Silva has outdone himself yet again... awesome matchup. Both guys have the tools to win this fight, but I'm gonna give the nod to Swick since he was doing so good at MD and should do even better WW, but then again WW is a much stronger weight class than MD. Such a toss up.
11/26/07 12:55:35PM
this should be an awesome fight and swick could hit a real road block in this fight, i think burkman will take it by decision
11/26/07 12:57:44PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

Swick rd 1KO... Who's next?

Agreed. Swick is itching for a KO.
11/26/07 2:01:13PM
Burkman is an awesome fighter, but he gets discouraged when fighting a stronger opponent, especially stronger wrestlers. This fight is a toss-up, and its all about who is going to control the pace of this fight. Burkman will def. need to be on his A game with defense and counter strikes, he will need to get swick on his back and control him there. If he can do this, then Burkman will win by Decision.

I feel that it will be Swick by late rd.2 KO/TKO. I just feel that Swick will wear Burkman out with his speed first, then control the fight after that.
11/26/07 7:06:45PM
Burkman unanimous decision much like his fight vs. Melvin Guillard on TUF.
11/27/07 1:39:01AM
I happen to be a big fsn of both fighters I've seen a lot of thier fights.

In this one I think Swick will get a unanimious decision, although I wouldn't be suprised if Burkaman got the win.
11/27/07 3:07:48AM
I'm excited to see what Swick can do at 170. This should be a toss up. I'm sure I will end up picking Swick, but how and when... who knows.
11/27/07 3:15:43PM
Hard to say as we haven't seen swick at 170 yet. Burkman is no pushover guys, if Swick does take it, I think it will probably be a by a decision. I'm going with swick.
11/27/07 3:37:49PM
The things is though, Burkman gassed against Karo, and people say he should've lost to Forrest Petz. If Swick has beaten bigger guys than Petz, and better guys than Petz, then he shouldn't have any problem with Burkman. I'm happily hoping to see a KO of Burkman in the first. I've lost a lot of respect for him, because he's underperformed lately. I don't think Swick should be stepping down to fight Burkman.
11/27/07 3:49:08PM
i like swick in this one, it should be an early KO for one of the two, and i think swick has the better hands. either way, im not expecting a snoozer at all, so im going to start training now so i dont blink during this fight.
11/27/07 4:03:20PM
Gotta say Swick. Either fighter has a chance though. I can never count Burkman out, he is a very crafty fighter. Very well rounded. You never know what he will do. But I think Swicks hands will overwhelm him. Let's see those Punches in Bunches in the WW division.
11/27/07 4:13:00PM

Posted by cowcatcher

so im going to start training now so i dont blink during this fight.

Best sentence (or 14 words) on MMAP ever. Lol.
11/27/07 8:54:57PM
I definitely am pulling for Swick, but it is hard to tell how he will perform since this is his first fight at 170...would definitely love to see him come out on top...maybe eventually Swick v. GSP or Swick v. Karo, definitely some great fights ahead of him...
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