Mike Swick vs Ben Saunders at UFC 99

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2/28/09 10:52:46AM

Former contestants from different seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, Mike Swick and Ben Saunders, are penciled in to hook ‘em up in a welterweight bout at UFC 99 from the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany on June 13, according to FiveOuncesOfPain.com
2/28/09 10:53:34AM
Damn, good fight. I didn't even think of this
2/28/09 10:57:17AM
swick should take this by decision saunders is good but untested
2/28/09 11:00:37AM
I was kinda hoping to see swick vs hardy, but this fight will be awesome. The cards shaping up nicely, looks like Mustapha Al Turk is going to get his second fight in the ufc on the undercard to.
2/28/09 12:11:37PM
I think it's a waste. Swick should be fighting higher caliber guys like an Anthony Johnson maybe or even Karo or Leben. Saunders is in tough.
2/28/09 12:21:16PM
im going to have to go with swick, not really a good matchup because swick would be more of a draw facing leban or i would like him to face anthony johnson too...that would be a good match...
2/28/09 12:32:03PM
I think Swick will pull off the win in this one!!!

Good match up though I think personally!!
2/28/09 12:45:24PM
This should be a good fight, I want Saunders to win, though I think Swick will.
2/28/09 12:59:53PM
I've never really been a big fan of Swick, but should be a good fight I really would like to see a improved Saunders
2/28/09 1:10:00PM
Since when did Leben become a WW? Dont think he did.

Hopefully Saunders wins
2/28/09 1:20:41PM
should be a first round KO im going with saunders but it could be either i think his lankiness should win it for him
2/28/09 1:34:11PM
swick by ko i hope this bout makes the main card
i was hoping saunders vs hazelett
2/28/09 2:07:08PM
i can't believe so many of you think this is going to be a good fight. i personally believe swick will take care of saunders pretty easily. swick is a much better fighter..
2/28/09 2:21:31PM
i think a fight with Dan Hardy or Anthony Johnson would be a bigger draw, although I think Saunders is an awesome fighter, Swick is 8-1 in the UFC and kind of deserves guys that are closer to title shots than Saunders.
2/28/09 3:33:44PM
Swick to finish this one Quick
2/28/09 6:19:03PM
Look for Ben to make his name on this fight i think he goes in and puts on a kickboxing clinic on swick. i like swick but Ben looked great in his last fight with Brandon Wolff. If he comes out with the confidence and the intencity that he did in that fight this could be a great one for his career..

with the exeption of the main card (silva/franklin) this could easily be FIGHT OF THE NIGHT
2/28/09 8:16:45PM
Swick puts away Saunders within 2 minutes.

Should be entertaining while it lasts.

2/28/09 8:54:20PM
I think saunders wins this one actually, either way i expect saunders to open some eyes, there is no chance that swick handles him easily or quickly, swick has looked terrible at ww and he is probably fighting one of the more well rounded guys hes ever faced, i dont think swick is that good i just think hes been fighting one dimensional fighters, this is gonna be a great matchup cant wait to see it and cant wait to see ufc 99
3/1/09 2:00:29AM
Are you kidding me? Yessssssssssssssssss. Saunders stepping up in competition. I think he'll take this one boys.
3/1/09 2:37:12AM
Uhhhh,would someone please explain to me why Ben Saunders is getting all this hype?Because he beat up Brandon Wolfe?!?!?!

Ya'll do realize that we're talking about a guy that was dominated by Tommy Speer not even a year and a half ago,don't you?To expect him to waltz in and beat a guy with an 8-1 record in the UFC just because he beat up Brandon Wolfe in highlight reel fashion is a little far fetched.

Saunders will be able to keep it competitive for a bit,but will get taken out within the first round.He's just not ready for someone like Swick yet.

3/1/09 11:27:49AM
This will be a kickfest.

Bring it on!
3/1/09 1:30:00PM
Saunders is tough but Swick is the superior fighter. Swick by KO.
3/1/09 7:52:53PM
what a fight this will be Ben Saunders last fight was a very good win a would like to see how he would do fighting swick.
3/1/09 7:53:58PM
I'm not sure I've seen an undercard fight that has the playground so divided! Today I'm picking swick via ud...Tomorrow who knows?????
3/2/09 12:45:53AM
Barely noticed this! Damn where have i been.

Anyway the only thing Saunders has ever impressed me with was those brutal knees in the clinch.....but that was against basicly a nobody.

Swick is a much better, smarter fighter and should finish Saunders before the end of round 2 if not 1
3/2/09 3:17:50AM
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