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2/23/08 11:49:33PM
What is next step for swick?

2/24/08 12:08:30AM
marcus davis???, he cant be tenative against him.
2/24/08 12:48:25AM

Posted by nickcuc547

marcus davis???, he cant be tenative against him.

if he goes in like his did his last fight he'll get knocked out
2/24/08 1:06:28AM
swick must have like a 6 inch reach on him, this might win him the fight, i keep forgeting that swick is a WW now, we'll see if this was a good move in the next fight, i personally didnt like that fight but swick barely won that tho
2/24/08 1:14:43AM
i dont like swick at WW but i think he'll be fine... it was obvious that he over cut last time and was tiny for the fight. i think this next time he'll know how to gage it better and will be the old swick... marcus davis sounds like a good match-up for him.
2/24/08 1:30:38AM
I think he might pull out the old swick-a-teen if he fights Davis
2/24/08 2:17:29AM
I think Davis would run right through Swick... Swick looks like he could use a "tune up" fight, whatever that is, to get more comfortable at this weight
2/24/08 5:51:27AM
I think Marcus Davis deserves to fight someone in a top ten position in the ww division, he has been on a steam roll against everyone he has come up aginst.
possibly: Karo vs Alves winner, Diego (if he wins), Josh Koscheck (if he wins)

Swick is coming off a loss in his last MW fight against Okami, and a lackluster debut at WW aginst Burkman. I think he needs a tune up fight or two before he gets to fight a contender.
possibly: Chris Lytle, Roan Carneiro, Ryo Chonan
2/24/08 6:26:02AM
They'll give him a fight he is supposed win.

He didn't really look that good against Burkman, and Burk isnt exactly top material at 170.

I think Alves, Lytle, Marcus Davis, and Carniero are all too much for him at this point. Dont really know who, but im sure its going to be a fight that i dont really care at all about.
2/24/08 11:37:55AM
if swick fights lytle......it will be 'lights out' for swick.

i think swick should have stayed at mw. his speed was his biggest weapon with his striking and sub game. now at 170 most guys will be ble to keep up.
2/24/08 4:52:02PM
I can't believe what Im hearing on this post. Chris Lytle will kill Mike Swick? Are you kidding me? I just don't see that happening if they fight. Swick is a heck of alot quicker than Lytle. His striking (without his last fight) is a heck of alot more crisp thant Lytles. So I would have to go with Swick in this fight.
2/25/08 11:38:21AM
If it isnt one of these 3 then i will cover myself in my own faeces and dry hump joe silva

1. Chris Lytle
2. Marcus Davis
3. Thiago Alves

Those are the only other pure strikers in the division i think
2/25/08 11:41:06AM
The welterweight division is so stackd you could throw anyone at him.Franky Edgar,Marcus Davis,Spencer Fisher,Thiago Alves,Karo i mean those are just a few but some of those move up and down from lightweight
2/25/08 11:52:47AM
If they're looking to give him a fight where he can look good and get acclimated to the division, someone like Forrest Petz would be a good option.

If you'll remember in his post-fight interview with Burkman, Swick said he wanted to make sure he could make weight, so he had cut from 175 for that fight. Now that he knows he can do it easily, he'll cut from a solid 180 and put on a much better performance.
2/25/08 6:08:54PM
Davis, Ghono, or Chonan would all be logical opponents for Swick
2/26/08 7:04:28AM

Posted by CornishMMA

If it isnt one of these 3 then i will cover myself in my own faeces and dry hump joe silva

1. Chris Lytle
2. Marcus Davis
3. Thiago Alves

Those are the only other pure strikers in the division i think

Lucky Joe! And me!

Id of preferred Lytle tbh but Swick is a great test for Marcus and equally Marcus is a great oppurtunity for Swick to immediately shoot up the rankings of the WW division, cant wait for that fight
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