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9/8/07 1:55:01PM
On the recent Sherdog debate Mike Sloan put Henderson on this pedistol and pretty much said Dan has shown up to every fight and beat the best, he then went on to say not to mention his loss to Misaki because Henderson looked past him and whooped him in the rematch. Sloan also said that Henderson's cardio is light years ahead of Rampage. First of all Henderson has losses against Both Nogueira brothers (not that its a bad thing) and was handled pretty easily by Wandy in the first match (not a bad thing either). By the way Mike Sloan, Henderson beat Misaki in their first encounter and then lost in the rematch. And if you think Henderson's cardio is light years better than Rampage that's a joke, Henderson always gasses in his fights. And one more thing, when Henderson fought Newton he looked less then stellar and Newton is a smaller fighter.
9/8/07 2:04:19PM
I am not sure if Henderson gasses in his fights. If you look at his fight against Ninja and Bustamantle(2) it appears like Dan is gasses from the middle of the fight till the last minute or so, but then he explodes in both fights winning both in the last minute of the fight. I am curious if he gasses, or just gets stuck in 3rd gear.

Not that I really think it will matter in this fight. Both fighters bring championship calliber cardio to this fight. The differince in this fight will be is Dan is dumb enough to keep this fight on the feet, and if he can overcome Quinton's power, and secure take downs.
9/9/07 1:38:18AM
He visibly gassed tonight.

Great fight though, by two very tough champs.
9/9/07 11:54:54PM
Henderson's cardio is not great at all... he was so damn tired in the rampage fight, thats why he got dropped twice!!!
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